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Good witch. Cowgirl. Fairy. Ur favorite vintage gal. My pastimes are being emotional, singing, and writing sad things. photographer @that_retro_hoe 🍒

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Baking stawberrie pie🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓 taken by @ohthumbelina



When two cowgirls from the south get together 💕🌪


Who run the world? I’ll give you a hint....


Sooo this is what happens when @mirandaharrison and i have an IMPROMPTU CASUAL shoot no big deal. Imagine if we plan something i mean 😍😍😍😍😍 and if you are ever so lucky to work with @pr_barden then it’s gonna be fire🔥🔥🔥 all styled by @mirandaharrison and the hardest part of this whole project is picking which photo to post first bc they are all too good!!!


A light peaking through a storm, But i still see the good in you. Trying to love a heart that’s torn, Clouds will always follow you, It was never what you did, It was always what you didn’t do, How can you measure up, To someone with a distorted view.


I wore my pride like a mask, but even a mask can’t hide your eyes


Instant film by @costumegetphotos


Hey guys sorry i haven’t been posting i was in the middle of a big move but everything is amazing now! I am obsessed with my new home it is part of an amazing succulent shop called @the.prickly.pear and my house is the absolute cutest with the best energy and the sweetest roomies. I’m in heaven. The universe truly blessed me with this move in almost in tears😭 so grateful for this new chapter of my life. Also if you’re in sac come check out Mona’s shop in my back yard it’s so gorgeous the grand opening is today! This photo was taken yesterday by @kingvuddha who helped me move! I would be extra af even when moving 😂


Ok guys this is my last time to spook you for Halloween I’m done being a scary hoe dressed in white haunting the bad boys Photographer/ creative direction: @rueromani Producer: @mister_hosseini Videographer: @vegansemen Hair: @bystony Floral crown: @larklosangeles


Haunting you bitches Team tagged⚰️ wouldn’t be possible without great minds


The sun only shines in Texas. This heart only feels for you. Your baby’s been gone for ages. Trying to find herself in the stars —Small piece by me, can you guess who it’s about?


Look both ways before you cross my mind 🎰 @righteoushombre


• Create your own magic 🦋 • • I loved this photo of me and asked suhail if i could take the edit on! He agreed! I find that I can get much more crafty when working on myself, what do you guys think of my edit? Do you like the butterfly? I wanted to add it to remind myself that i can create any reality that i want if i put my mind to it, even one filled with butterflies🦋 also butterflies are my spirit guide • • Photographer: @suhailphotos Edit: @that_retro_hoe • • • • • • #pursuitofportraits #moodyfilm #featuremeofh #earth_portraits #shaniarmy #featurepalette #folkportraits #bleachmyfilm #globe_people #featuremeseas #imaginativeportraits #bravoportraits #portraitpage #portraitstream #moodyports #777luckyfish #thevisualvogue #theportraitpr0ject #ourportraitsdays #gramkilla #bravogreatphoto #aovportraits #of2humans #ftwotw #ftmedd #portraitgames #portrait_vision #sonyimages #vogove #sonyportraits