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I create art and stories🎨🇫🇮 Escaped 9-5 before the age of 18 #VOJarmy Currently📍:🇫🇮 ⤵️Learn all of my editing secrets

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I created this last year from my own shots that I took in Lofoten. I am heading back to that beautiful place next week and I couldn’t be any more excited😍 Also Photoshop For Photographers course will be launched around the time when I leave home. This course will change the whole post processing game..😎 #VOJarmy


Dreamy Vernazza in Italy. For me just photographing a location is not enough. I love to capture the places I go to but I always want to think outside of the box and experiment with things that could make the scenery even more magical. Photoshop allows me to do that, It allows me to create these places through my eyes and mind. It has taken me so much time to master this one program and I believe that teaching what I know to others is almost as important as creating on my own. #photoshopforphotographers is coming. Super excited for this new course I am currently making! •• Today is the last day of my rivendell course 40% OFF sale! Learn my whole photoshop workflow and start creating your own dreamscapes! Link in bio #VOJarmy


I remember several days in Indonesia when I had no clue what to expect of these places because I had never even seen an image of some of them, but always these places left me speechless. No matter how many waterfalls I saw, it always felt so good... the sound, the power of nature and good company..❤️B&A in stories! •• 2 days left of my Rivendell course 40% OFF sale! Learn my whole photoshop workflow that I’ve spent thousands of hours to achieve! #VOJarmy


Sunset walks in imaginary Indonesia. It has been a long time since I created an edit that actually requires a lot of photos to create. People have told me that it’s hard to tell which images of mine are composites and which are single shots. I started out as a digital artist who only used stock photos but then I picked up photographing and started travelling the world and now I create from my own shots. This particular artwork is a combination of 13 images. Editing time: 1 hour 23 minutes. •• Yesterday we had 23 new people enrolling into the rivendell course. This course is still 40% OFF for 3 more days. Link in bio #VOJarmy


Can you spot me flying the drone up there? This place left me speechless. I put my drone up during the sunrise and flew it to almost ocean level. My drone was surrounded by a dozen of seagulls and I was frigthened to lose the whole thing😂 after this I flew my drone through that hole, check my story to see how the video looked😍 •• My rivendell editing course is 40% OFF for the next 4 days!! Get it while you can, this course will take your whole photoshop game into a new level. #VOJarmy


This little town in Italy was so dope! We slept in one of the houses seen further away in this edit! Such a cool experience. @lifewithelliott drove us here from France to shoot the sunset, what a legend 👏🏻 (ps. Italy road tolls are ridiculous) #VOJarmy


I had seen hundreds of images from these fields before and I had always dreamed of visiting them! Last week I had the possibility to do it with @lifewithelliott when I went on a spontaneous roadtrip through France with him. Tens of hours of driving, 2 sunsets and 1 sunrise later at the fields, this is what I came up with from the place. I love creating out from my own images and can’t wait to shoot more and more beautiful places around the world💜 #VOJarmy


When real world looks like a Disney movie. It was really low tide at St Michel and there were only couple small ponds to shoot relfections at. The whole area is quick sand and I managed to get to the ponds after couple close calls. After taking this shot I fell into the quicksand but luckily got out before it was too late. Taking this shot was harder than I thought it was going to be hut I am happy I got it after all the struggle!😊 #VOJarmy


There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the brightest light of all lights. Remember that and have a great day! 🏮 I am in Italy now, going to shoot sunset at Manarola today!🇮🇹 •• Rivendell editing course is still 40% OFF, link in bio for more information about the course😍 #VOJarmy


One of the most incredible places I’ve ever visited. First @lifewithelliott and I thought that the fog is going to ruin our sunset shoot, but suddenly the fog and sky cleared out for a while and we could see this insane scene in front of us. The Moon was perfectly aligned with the composition and we quickly took our shots and continued looking at the scene with out mouths wide open. #morelife #VOJarmy


Missing the adventures we had in Indonesia already... So many good memories made with great people. I got hooked into travelling and exploring while there... Currently I am in Marseille, 🇫🇷! Exploring southern France and northern Italy next with @lifewithelliott! •• If you want to learn my whole Photoshop workflow, click the link in my bio to get 40% OFF from my online editing course!


SHATTERED Life has a natural tendency of pushing us to our limits. However, sometimes it can become too much for us to handle; causing us to fall apart due to the feelings of despair and hopelessness. But feeling shattered doesn’t mean that you should just give up entirely. Rather, recollect yourself from these life experiences by using these feelings of brokenness as a gift to grow stronger as a person. Words by the producer of this album I am working on😍 #VOJarmy