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I create art🎨🇫🇮 Escaped 9-5 before the age of 18 #VOJarmy Join our community of thousands of students and take your work to the next level!😍

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“The Lost City”🌅 During my recent trip I had the chance to visit Jordan and I love that place so much. Especially The Wadi Rum desert where I also shot the original photo of the pillar on the left side. Definitely will revisit someday👌🏻 #VOJarmy Go to my 200k post to enter my giveaway, there’s still couple of houra left to enter😍


200k GIVEAWAY!! 🎉 Recently we hit 200k on this account and now it’s time for a giveaway, thank you everyone so much for supporting my work❤️! Im going to give away 2 complete course bundles of mine (1600$ value), 5 people will win three courses of own choice and 1 lucky winner will get a free 1 hour coaching call with me! • To enter: 1. Follow @visualsofjuliuscourses 2. Like this photo 3. Tag 3 friends below! • GOOD LUCK! Winners will be annouced 7 days from now. I will pick winners for this giveaway randomly. #VOJarmy


Welcome to Rivendell. This is an edit I made earlier this year and still up to this date it stays up there on my list of the favorite creations I’ve made. It’s a combination of 10+ objects. Also THANK YOU all so much for 200k😍 this is not my 200k special post yet but it is coming next week. My whole life has changed in a year because of this platform and you all have made it possible for me to do this and the support you give to me daily means the world to me. Stay tuned for the 200k special🎉😊 #VOJarmy If you head to @visualsofjuliuscourses, you can see how this edit was created along with other before and afters of my edits in the past!


I was sitting in a plane on my way back to Finland from Thailand couple of days ago and I got this idea while I was looking out from the window. I saw these beautiful layers of clouds and then the idea struck me. I immediately opened my notes and drew a sketch. Today I created this idea and also uploded a speed editing video of me creating it to youtube! Link in story for the video! #VOJarmy


Living in a bubble without any idea of what our world has to offer outside... #WHPlayers


Drunken sauna in Finland🏚🇫🇮 I arrived at Bangkok today and will be spending couple of days here before heading back to Finland for a month! What a crazy 1.5 months of travelling it has been.. Met lovely new people, slept at deserts, climbed rooftops, saw the lantern festival, drove through beautiful areas of Europe and the list goes on and on. Still super excited to go back to Finland for a while before heading out again😍 #VOJarmy Head out to @visualsofjuliuscourses to see before and after of this edit! Follow for before and afters and other behind the scenes stuff of my work and courses!


Dead sea, Jordan. It is actually a lake and the water makes you float because the water is almost 10 times saltier than in a normal ocean. Its so salty that if you get even a drop of it in your eyes, it burns really badly. It was still super fun to experience. In frame chilling, is @conormccann #VOJarmy 60% OFF sale still available for 1 more day and I won’t do a sale this big for a long time so get yours while its still possible!


The Grand Mosque🕌 I’m Super happy to see new people enrolling into the courses and learning new skills! All courses still 60% off, I will not be doing a sale this big in a long long time so do not procastinate on this one😊link in bio! #coursesarethenewcollege @visualsofjuliuscourses Huge thanks @kayvanhuisseling for sharing an image for me to use in this one!


Everytime I visit a desert I feel peace, they’re so silent and calm. There’s something super facinating about them. #VOJarmy 60% course sale still available for 2 days! You do not want to procastinate on this one. Start learning and create the stuff you want to create. Link in bio!#coursesarethenewcollege @visualsofjuliuscourses