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@furstset believes you must reflect upon your present blessings which life has plenty, not on your past misfortunes, of which we all have some. — 📍 #wallowa #oregon #usa — 📷 @furstset — #voyaged


When the sun sets over the beautiful Dolomites. @aronsche definitely has to visit them again soon! — 📍 #Dolomites — 📷 @aronsche — #voyaged


@rasikhsyed lost in eternal beauty. — 📍 #capetown #southafrica — 📷 @rasikhsyed — #voyaged


One of the things @melaniepfnr loves about climbing is that the scenery appears like a toy landscape from above. — 📍 #Germany — 📷 @melaniepfnr — #voyaged


@romempix shows you how to spend an epic day at Lago di Garda, Italy! How about a delicious gelato and a scenic sunset hike? These days in bella Italia where simply amazing. — 📍 #Italy — 📷 @romempix 👤 @patrick_wilhelm — #voyaged


Would you sleep in a cabin on a tiny island in the middle of the Nile River? The white noise of the river lulled @drinkteatravel to sleep but the grade 5-6 rapids outside their window served as a daily reminder of the amazing power of nature! — 📍 #uganda — 📷 @drinkteatravel — #byvoyaged


You wait. You wait a lot. You anticipate. You capture it. You feel alive. This is the process @thatbloom went through to take pictures of wildlife. Compared to landscape & outdoor photography, he believes it takes a lot more patience and appreciation for your surroundings. What are your thoughts? — 📍 #Germany — 📷 @thatbloom — #voyaged


Did you ever dream of just taking a road trip along the west coast of the USA? @bastifbr traveled 4000 miles and collected so many impressions and experiences. Driving through the mystical forests of the Redwoods, slept in one of the unique houses of @jacobwitzling, sitting by the campfire on the beach of La Push. Every moment was unique and only the memories and the photos remain. — 📍 #USA #unitedstates — 📷 @bastifbr — #voyaged


@donquiellumbera_ didn’t have enough time to go up to Piazzale Michelangelo to see the view of Florence with sunset, so he just decided to fly his drone. 😎 — 📍 #Florence #italy — 📷 @donquiellumbera_ — #voyaged


To infinity and beyond! — 📍 #Indonesia — 📷 @vander_armando — #voyaged


@ericlorentz.b and his morning feels over this little place in Norway. — 📍 #Norway — 📷 @ericlorentz.b — #voyaged


Foggy and mystical sunrise by the pier, picnic on a lake, incredible views, fairytale backyards and sunset with locals! These are some of the things @immigrant_travels for up to on a weekend in Lake District, UK. — 📍 #lakedistrict #uk #unitedkingdom — 📷 @immigrant_travels — #voyaged