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lets play mined craft

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um uh so? this is the art i was talking about yesterday- an overwhelming number of y’all wanted to see it even without knowing anything about the fandom! This is from the book series The Power of Five/The Gatekeepers by Anthony Horowitz! a long time fave of mine. I highly recommend these books, especially on tape! the voice actor does an excellent job. This spec. piece was inspired by the art of @lenkagabriela . SWIPE to see my old (shitty) drawing from this fandom! Characters (from left:) Jamie, Holly, Scott, Pedro, Scar, Matt.


~lookbook part 1~ late post but: this is part of a set of trying some new heather m look variations! I had a ton of fun with these and i think it would be fun to do an alternate looks heathers group someday! Also, my lipstick is @bitebeauty in gazpacho and i am so in love with it!


~The real housewives of Alternia~ We were thinking that the parents dynamic would be like those stereotypical PTA moms but kicked up a notch, you know like: “Karen, if you don’t like my daughter’s facebook post, then i’ll eat your kid for brunch!” I think I was Brenda or Susan i cant remember... photo: @cos_i_like_to_play


edgy sailor moon: “it’s like, i’m sailor moon, but i’m eDgY :3” SWIPE for bonus cryptid shot feat. @taffytier and @tempest_koi —— also, my “cOn VlOg” is up on youtube, link in bio. i got almost no footage so i at least tried to make it funny LOL


LUSUS GROUP LUSUS GROUP LUSUS GROUP!!! ——— i am so eternally pleased that this turned out as well as it did! everyone put in a ton of work and looked really good! these are just the start of photos that i’m pumped to share with y’all!


and spidermom was here and has gone! very hard to wear around con but fun. lusii group was lit! i’m being edgy sailor moon now


ok i peer pressured- SWIPE for the “vriska and friends” edition lmao photos by @lied @gkcbphotography @taffytier @mkla.cosplay and my selfie stick


and a one and a two and a one two three four- hit or miss i guess they never miss huh got a vriska i bet she doesn’t kiss ya —— this cold cold weather got me thinking about the warmth and the sun and flossing with @mkla.cosplay 👌


merry (almost) christmas! it’s time for a throwback to last year when i cosplayed weiss in the first snow of the year... it was so cold i could barely take photos 😫😫


*whips* t-pose ur way out of any situation ever. —— edit: username change @vrisavris -> @sealsius —— photo by @gkcbphotography


let’s look at the year in review! which was you favorite of my hiveswap cosplays and who should i bring back in the new year?


look who it is! it’s my #top9of2018 !! funny how all them are a split screen image huh


lil update for y’all who don’t watch stories! Spidermom’s lining is made, and needs to be fitted to the corset. also i made a skirt! hopefully spidermoms arms will be started this weekend but we are getting into finals so we will see~


who forgot about the tiktok app?? i did as soon as they changed their branding LMAO but i still go on sometimes and mess around