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PROGRESS PROGRESS PROGRESS!! —— sleeves: check wig: kinda check pants mock-up: check basically, the wig “just” needs the hairline 🙄🙄 which will be a lot of tedious work. pants are looking okay, not sure what fabric to use for the panelling but should be done soon! the main frustrations are the last 2 slides- no matter how much I seem to do, there is still SO MUCH MORE... this isn’t even including her staff!!! Also, am slightly worried I will run out of materials, specifically the pleather. I don’t think ill finish this by the deadline i wanted LOL


The cooling weather got me in such a Halloween mood! What are y’all thinking about making for halloween costumes this year? Also fun fact- before I learned what cosplay was, I spent like a year on each costume, and didn’t realize I could just. do that. all the time!! —— costume made entirely by me! photo by @lied wig is chibi, hair buns, long curly clip in fairy blonde from @ardawigs


Jaylah progress! Swipe —> to see swatches, reference, and vote results! A while ago, I asked y’all what I should use for her main vest piece- it looks suede-y, but i wasn’t confident in the look of the fabric. If you didn’t vote back then, and have an opinion, comment below! the suede i would be using is the bottom right swatch.


A little bit of a throwback today! The cold weather and looking at my old musicallys has really inspired me to remake weiss. Of course, we’ll have to see if I have time, but i’m hoping to restyle her wig at the very least! —— Also, this costume is currently in the hands of the lovely @adrimom_cosplay , go check out her account to see what she did with it! (she made it SO PRETTY GUYS)


lets chat about ~mall cosplay~ It seems to be something that people bring up often, whether to poke fun at it or not. What is your opinion of mall cosplay, or cosplaying in public/outside of a con? For me, I can totally understand the desire to call out mall cosplayers, since it is bringing a very unique and strange art form into public, which can be seen as very weird. But, I’ve also spent a lot of my time as a cosplayer being a mall cosplayer, and i think it can be something very cool. Every time, my friends and I have been approached by curious people who weren’t expecting anything and just think we’re kinda cool. I think that it’s even cooler than conventions sometimes, since you will meet people who have absolutely no idea what you’re doing! I chose this pic here because after his photo shoot, we went to the mall. It felt like a throwback to my early days as a cosplayer when going to the mall in cosplay was one of the only fun things to do. I also keep thinking about four years ago, when I saw a vriska cosplayer outside of a hot topic. This was before I was super into cosplay, but now I wish I had talked to her 😭😭😭 OH WELL, if any of y’all made it through this ramble then kudos to you!! and leave your thoughts/experiences with mall cosplay below 👇👇👇 —— photo by @lied karkat (and kanaya costume) @taffytier


Lets chat about wigs! Specifically how wig style and shape can make or break a character. These side by sides are both me, on two different days. The costume is identical, and the only differences are in the makeup and wig. I first wanted to cosplay Heather Chandler using the entire costume my sister wore at fanime, since I thought it was a cute look and I wanted a different hairstyle than my McNamara wig. But after doing a full photoshoot with the first wig, I was completely dissatisfied with every photo. I decided that Chandler just didn’t fit me, but after a few days I tried it again with the McNamara wig. The difference was instantaneous! All the charm that was missing the first time was immediately back. I think that the main difference was the way the wigs framed my face. The first wig’s long & flat shape emphasized the roundness of my face, while my McNamara wig worked harmoniously! Anyway, this is a long and rambling post but I thought it was interesting to see the difference. —— Blazer and wig styled by me- both wigs from @ardawigs . First is a Grace in Yellow Blonde, second is a Matilda in Titanium Blonde.


nick cage... in a cage...!!! —— who would you put in ardata’s cage? i’m going to put the blank version in my bio, feel free to add your own picture! —— photo by @lied cosplay made entirely by me!


it’s october, therefore: ITS SPOOKY TIME. 🕷🕸💀👻 🧛🏻‍♀️🦇(where TF is the pumpkin emoji) —— ANYWAY- have this ~spooky~ aradia edit!! See how i made her whole cosplay & makeup on my youtube channel!


Got this pic of dreamer Jade a while back (at the 4/13 nyc meetup!) This look was cute to wear but I think the dress suits Vriska better- what do y’all think? —— photo by @lied dress made by me!


Some more improvement for ya? Truly can not comprehend how this was just last year but *shrugs* —— want to know how i made my wig? check out my youtube side shave tutorial! horn method is also up there 👌👌


I tested out some uh... YANG yesterday! can’t say i love how i look as her but it was fun nonetheless! —— now that i’ve tested her, I can chop up the wig for HAPPY LEMON. WHO’s HYPED


NO-FIN BUT LOVE FOR YA GILL HERE!!! 💖🌸🍒🎀💕 —— photo (and socks 😛) @taffytier !!


Bye-Bye Tourists 2.0! This one is way less dramatic than last time, thank god it didn’t need as much help! But it looks very nice cleaned up, don’t you think? —— Wig is an @ardawigs chibi, hairbuns, long curly clip in fairy blonde Swimsuit is from @hottopic Photo by @genevievekainehe !!


Who is better: Heather McNamara or Heather Chandler?? (and the secret third: should I make a Duke to match?) —— Honestly you can really see how much my posing and makeup has improved in the 6 months or so between these shoots LMAOO!! i for sure need to re shoot McNamara at some point soon! —— McNamara photo by @lied wig is an @ardawigs matilda in Titanium Blonde McNamara bow, jacket, skirt, and Chandler jacket made by me!


UMM??? I don’t even know what to say???? this is ridiculous omg,,, i can’t believe the first photo is from just lasted year... all makeup differences aside, this is a big example of ~THE POWER OF GOOD LIGHTING~ Photo 1 was done at 10 pm using my makeup mirror for light so it wouldn’t be warm toned, Photo 2 was done at 12 or 1pm, in natural light. Same room, same phone. #aradiamegido #aradiamegidocosplay #aradiacosplay #aradia #cosplay #makeup #homestuckcosplay #hscosplay #homestuck #mua #makeupartist #cosplaytutorial #improvementmeme #glowup #cosplayglowup #cosplayer #cosplayimprovement


Two vriskas, sitting on a hot tub, watching their last fuck fly away! —— Vriska is @mkla.cosplay !!


III spy... wiiith my liiittle eye... some aliiien tryiiing to assemble an iiikea table!! —— Ardata is one of the costumes I brought with me to school! What should i take photos with next time i cosplay her? —— photo by @lied tights from @welovecolorscosplay wig from @ardawigs cosplay sewn and crafted entirely by me!


#ykcontest i love these folks and haven’t entered a contest in a while, they’re always pretty fun! go check out the lovely hosts accounts: @kiko.cos and @yoketskii