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should i cosplay another version of ochako? maybe her school or gym uniform? —— also SWIPE for a cursed photo of @taffytier mid editing #photoshopSKILLS


virgin (vriska): -is dead -has a shitty tattoo chad vriska: -steals your gf -kills lord fucking english —— chad vriska is @mkla.cosplay


• i c e b e r g • —— I did this makeup look a long time ago but haven’t posted it until now oops! what do you think? would y’all like to see more original makeup looks like this?


it’s 8/8/18 post vriska on main second vrisk in a row i KNOW but who could bl8me me?? —— photo by @taffytier costume made entirely by me! wig is an @ardawigs luthien in black


gucchi phlip phlops —— i love this pic since it shows off the braids super well! also, reminder that if you’re interested, i have a 2 part tutorial of this look up on my youtube channel! photo by @gkcbphotography


Who is seeing the Sailor Moon SuperS movie this weekend? I can’t go today, but i’m thinking about Monday for the subbed version... since when do I watch movies lmao!! Anyway, this photo looks like i’m about to beat someone up or something. —— Cosplay made entirely by me! photo by @lied Wig is @ardawigs Chibi, Long curly clip, and Hairbuns in Fairy Blonde


ARMSOCK TUTORIAL —— for all your homestuck, steven universe, & any other cosplay needs! This was really hard to fit into 10 slides which is why there is no end photo, but I hope this helps! I will likely make a video at some point as well detailing the process a little more thoroughly. I’ve done this with multiple brands of tights and while i really love We Love Colors for their opacity, this will still work on other brands. If you have any questions, leave a comment & i’ll make a part 2 with answers!


second McNamara post in a row BUT I wanted to show y’all my wig details! The base wig was an @ardawigs Matilda (lace front!) in Titanium Blonde. I’m still really happy with the styling job, especially the bangs and part. —— Cosplay made entirely by me! Photos of full costume by @lied


Have a slightly creepy heather photo, swipe for an extremely cursed photo~ —— cosplay made entirely by me! photo by @lied wig is a matilda from @ardawigs


A slightly blurry but otherwise very cute photo of @taffytier and me at fanime! I don’t know who took this, so if you were the photographer then let me know ::::) —— wig is an @ardawigs luthien in black contacts from @ohmykitty4u


It’s time for some more Ardata! I love this girl so much she’s such a babe :.) ——— cosplay made entirely by me! photo by @lied wig is a luthien in black from @ardawigs contacts from @ohmykitty4u socks from @sockdreams tights in light gray from @welovecolorscosplay


THE POWER OF PHOTOSHOP —— nothing more satisfying than photoshopping tourists out of the background of photos lmao photo by @gkcbphotography ✨✨


“Heather’s gonna whine, whine, whine all night...” —— maya (@visixm )’s duke is so freakin adorable omg, it was hard to get in character for this pic


(VRISKA) MINI-TUTORIAL —— I made my youtube tutorial into a tiny condensed preview version! For the actually helpful bits the link is in my bio~ photo by @gkcbphotography


entering the #CRXGlowUp ! yalls should enter as well for a chance to win $100 in wig money! First pic is from 2015, second is from this year- phoeo by @lied


Ok, so i know this is a long ways away but i wanted to give everyone ample time to make their costumes! The group will be likely on Friday or Sunday (because sat is masquerade). Comment or DM to claim a character, and there is a 2-3 month drop date for this so i can find replacements- that means drop by November 1. Obviously you don’t have to have a ticket for the con, but you should probably be in the sac area/planning to go already Taken: Ram mom: @meuln Tinkerbull: @taffytier Crab Dad: @ultimate.grimlen Catmom: @conmomcosplay Mother Grub: @mkla.cosplay Dragonmom: @pomegranate.piranha Spidermom: me


time for some (VRISKA) VRISKA! The second half of my side shave tutorial is up on youtube as well, so if you want to see how I got into this look (bald cap application, putting wig in & hiding the headband) check my bio! —— photo by @gkcbphotography


Sailor Swim 2.0 - 1 year later. same costume, but better wig, makeup, posing & photos! what do y’all think? —— photo by the lovely @gkcbphotography wig is @ardawigs chibi, long curly clip, and hairbuns in fairy blonde contacts from @ohmykitty4u