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Visualizing Creates Reality

✘ The Source that helps you #VYBE Visualize Yourself Better Everyday 💭 “Imagination and faith are the secrets to creation” - Neville Goddard

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“BELIEVE THIS and RECEIVE THIS! Speak it into existence. You have the power to change your life and to recreate yourself. Always be optimistic, hopeful, and positive that things are going to work out for you. No matter what's happening, you can decide right now with a shift of your mindset and a change of attitude that blessings will enter your life. There’s great hope for you. Just believe and let what goes go and what comes come. Don't ask for change then try to avoid the process. It’s okay to be uncomfortable when you’re stepping it up. The universe is getting ready to bless you and bring you great opportunities. Don't resist the process even when it doesn’t make sense. Don’t be afraid to let go, flow, and allow. Take the lessons. Do the actions that are necessary and watch what shows up. Pay attention to the signs. You’re being guided to where you belong. Everything will make sense. You'll look back and be glad that you set the intention that something great is going to happen for you.” - @idillionaire 📸 @benjaminhardman Comment ‘Yes’ below if you believe! Tag someone to inspire. ✨🙏✨ #vybesource


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“I CLAIM THIS! I ACCEPT THIS! I BELIEVE THIS! Your blessings are about to multiply. You’re about to receive something that you have been waiting to manifest for so long. It’s finally time. All your patience, trust, and dedication to your vision is about to pay off in a major way. Be ready for a sudden breakthrough. Affirm: I know my power is in believing what I can envision in my mind, not really in what's happening in front of me. Everything that can happen for me, starts with a single thought. The more I believe in that thought, the more I feel it. The more I feel it, the quicker I manifest it into my reality. My faith is in a greater power than what's in front of me. I choose to connect with a higher power to guide me through this shift. I grow stronger everyday, because I trust in the energy that sustains me. How can I not trust the source that powers all of life so precisely without a single error? Don't let fear, negativity, and lower vibrational energy steal your shine. Everything you want is just an energy shift away. Shifting your mind from lack and limitations to absolute possibilities. There's no reason why you can't have what you want out of life. With enough faith, anything is possible for you. We have a beautiful gift called the imagination to create from. Our mind allows us to see beyond current circumstances. We can either visualize in detail the experiences we want to have or fall trap to the experiences we already created. Most people settle, because they forgot their real power. They settle out of fear that "this is it for me" or they assume life has nothing else to offer them. Being a victim of circumstances is giving up your creative mind power. Know what you want. Visualize it. Feel good about yourself. Become what you want. You're not a victim. You're not the negative beliefs you were told. Nothing is set in stone. The universe is flowing and ready to align you to your visions. What you're sending out is returning to you. Believe in it till it manifests for you.” ✏️ @idillionaire Comment ‘💛’ if you BELIEVE that things are about to SHIFT in YOUR FAVOR! Tag someone to inspire. ✨🙏✨ #vybesource


💡While our bodies are resting, there is an “imaginary” world living in our minds, and this is what we call dreaming. It’s hard for us to remember a dream in depth afterwards, but in the moment, they feel incredibly real. Know this... there is an imaginary world that you can permanently make a reality now.. it’s called “Visualize Better”. Visualizing better feels like we are living in a day dream because we’re continually creating our personal reality with our imaginations. Visualize better things happening around you and dare to imagine and believe in the realities of your dreams. - Vybe Source Photo by @chelseakauai #vybesource #VYBE #imagination #VisualizeBetter




“Many people no longer feel connected to their old friends since they’ve started healing. ⠀⠀⠀⠀ Some people remain dedicated to healing and trust that they’ll attract healthier friendships, while others turn back to their old ways to feel comfortable around old friends. ⠀⠀⠀⠀ During last nights phone session, Jessica said, “I don’t feel like gossiping with them anymore. It’s the only thing we do in our friendship. I no longer need to focus on other people’s problems to feel better about myself.” ⠀⠀⠀⠀ Jessica no longer connects with her gossiping friends because she’s healed the part of her that depended on those interactions. ⠀⠀⠀⠀ Losing connection with friends doesn’t mean you don’t love them anymore, and it doesn’t mean you can’t go around them anymore. But it does mean you’ll have to learn to cope with the aloneness and disconnection you feel around them. ⠀⠀⠀⠀ As you start caring about yourself more, you start connecting with different people. It’s a natural part of the healing process ❤️” ✏️ @_thekylejones Photo by @jaredtod #vybesource


“I AM BLESSED! I BELIEVE! I TRUST! I am a miracle. Life is a miracle. Everything around me is all miraculous. Once you see things from this perspective you’ll feel a sense of peace that you don’t have to try so hard to control everything. Let go and trust in the higher power to guide you. Surrender your worries. Give up your doubt. Let yourself be free from resistance. Faith and fear can’t occupy the same space. Decide to believe in yourself and watch magical things start to happen in your life. Stop overthinking, worrying, and stressing yourself out. Everything will be okay. It might seem like it at the moment when you’re in the midst of everything, but when you let go and feel that sense of inner ease great things will begin to happen for you. Ease is a state of trust and a powerful way of allowing. Your faith has to be strong in believing that you can manifest and receive what you want. All your requests and deep desires has been received by the universe. You efforts, your visualizations, and your prayers have been heard. You sent the signal out, now you just have to trust and be patient as your blessings begin to flow into your life. Don't think about how it will happen, that's not for you to worry about. Put it out there and let it happen. The universe picks up vibrations and those in gratitude, joy, and love for what they want to receive get them. The grateful get showered in blessings. Instead of overthinking, align your faith with divine timing and trust that everything that belongs in your life is making its way towards you right now. Don't block what's coming by thinking negatively. What you want has been on the way, but your worry, doubt, and lack of trust has been slowing down the process. Start releasing and start receiving. You got this.” - @idillionaire Comment if you TRUST and are READY to RECEIVE! Tag someone to inspire ✨🙏✨ #vybesource


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“So much of who we think we are is the movement of old patterns in our mind, reactions that reinforce particular behaviors depending on the situations that arise. These mental movements happen rather quickly and strengthen our sense of identity - our habits, whether they support our happiness or not, come together to build our character. Some may say, well this is who I am, but as our awareness grows we come to understand that 'who I am' is not stagnant or permanent, it is a dynamic accumulation that comes together to create a momentary phenomenon. The mind’s ability to change is one of our greatest powers. When we work toward changing ourselves there may be times where we struggle because a particular habit is so deeply entrenched in our identity. Self-improvement does not happen overnight; it is a long-term process. If we continue working on ourselves diligently and have a good tool that helps us release the patterns that cause us misery, then we will ultimately succeed in changing ourselves for the better. The deepest part of letting go does not happen when we intellectualize, it happens when we have a tool, like a good meditation technique, that takes us into the subconscious to release the tension that is in there. Sending love to all beings. May we all find a practice that really helps us let go at the deepest levels. May we all be happy and free.” ✏️ @yung_pueblo 🌎✨ Photo by @kestyoga #vybesource


“I 100% agree with Jim because: 1. Real authentic happiness comes from within. If it comes from attachments you don’t have power over it. It can be taken away from you in the blink of an eye. 2. Everyone likes to be around people who feel good within and radiate positivity. Fake happiness doesn’t exist because people can sense awkwardness real quick. 3. There is nothing wrong that others prefer happy version of you. It’s an opportunity to dig deep and find the happiest version of yourself and have some fun of your problems. 4. Either you believe in reincarnation or not #YOLO is real 😁 we won’t have exact same life again. 5. Type YOLO if you’re having a happy Sunday 😁❤️🙏✨” Written and created by @mindsetofgreatness #vybesource