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We didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun!

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Late night welcoming committee!!


This kid is absolutely ridiculous in net.... what a game!!! #tysonsworld


This was the best that we could do....


So he surprises his lil brother with some sweet birthday gifts, meets the team and gets a tour. Then Tyson asks him to score the teddy bear toss goal. And he answers. And then he spots him in the crowd as thousands of teddy bears fly - 14,981 to be exact!! What an amazing moment!! #snipinluypen #allhail #oilkings


Seriously. Can’t even.


Tyson is 9!!! Truly the funniest kid I know... his sense of humour and quick wit has me in stitches and snorting all. the. time!!! He is wise beyond his years, but still my little boy. This birthday, instead of the usual absolutely wild, loud, crazy, smelly and chaotic party, he asked to go see his big brother. He misses Jalen so much, he’s so proud of him, and never passes up a chance to tell his buddies that his brother plays in the WHL. Tomorrow we are jetting off to (sunny and warm??!!) Edmonton for a fun-filled weekend. Tyson is already calling this the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!! I kind of agree!! ❤️ Happy Birthday to the kid who dreams big, fears little, and cares deeply. #tysonsworld


He’s baaaaaaaack!! And Papa is a little excited as always!!


In the ridiculously crowded mall, “Mom, stop! Can you take a picture of me?” Loves to make me laugh. #treepose #tysonsworld #getmeouttahere



I love this kid. #tysonsworld #goalieboy #kelmha



Tyson hit the jackpot going through Eric’s old hockey cards tonight! #gritty


Nitro has not left my side this week... it’s been a tough gig for him being my support crew. He’s not very efficient, but he sure is good company. #nitrocircus #aclrecovery #coonhound ❤️🐶


The adventures of Nitro and Harriet... #beforethegreatdeerchase #kelownanow #nitrocircus