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why do ghosts like to bother innocent people that weren’t involved with their deaths? just haunting them for the sake of haunting. ghosts are so annoying.


sims 4 is taking forever to download on the PS4, I just want to chronicle the adventures of my sim already.


in this world, it’s either get your ass beat or the ass beats you.


so the girl from honeytrap (not the actress, the actual girl) is coming out of jail soon. like this post if you’re a furry.


I have sims 4, how neat.


good evening.


they’re trynna cancel cancelling? w o a h !


2014 was really four years ago? oh wow.


why’s it so ashy


Alice and Kara’s soundtrack from Detroit: Become Human >>>>>>>>>


Bri Hall’s latest video told a lot of truth, especially with her points about different types of gaslighting which i see a lot with some of my followers tbh.


imagine waking up from a nightmare in the middle of the night and you see a 6ft version of my profile picture staring at you in the middle of the night.


but it is.


on that amandla post, everyone’s like ‘at least we’re getting some representation’ like excuse me, if it’s the same girl who’s playing the same type of role each time then I’m going to complain, I’m not obligated to be thankful for the very least.


but some of us have social anxiety, isn’t that right instagram?


what’s the difference between diversity and forced diversity? because people claim forced diversity when there’s more than 2 lgbt+ characters in a show/movie.


well this is news to me.


another fanbase i have to add to the annoying stans list is Queen Naija’s, i get that being a fan means you support everything your fave does but they’re really defensive over anyone saying one bad thing about her. and they’re too up her ass. and she got that fanbase from one song and a youtube channel.