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why is it everyone’s birthday today and this month in general?


so, how long does it take a necklace to digest in your stomach and can it still affect you if you digested one about 9 years ago and if someone were to put a magnet to your stomach would the magnet stick to your stomach depending on where the necklace is.


no one cares about the jacket you wear to school, most of the time they’re not even on because of uniform rules. EDIT: at least in a school with uniform, can’t say the same for schools without uniform.


everytime i see the 🤔 emoji used in a tweet, i always know it’s gonna be some fake deep nonsense.


now i don’t wanna lose weight because realistically, if a zombie apocalypse were to occur, i would be able to survive basically a month without food because i can just use the fat from my body, that’s my science.


and then the teacher slowly started clapping.


no on says this but this is what is important to me.


rapman got signed to roc nation, it’s all uphill from here.


why does no one use the word fabulous more often in their vocabulary?


when we first started year 11, everyone was focusing and studying, quiet in class and revising but now it’s our mocks in a few days and everyone’s just been messing around, year elevens the year where everyone properly stops caring about school even when they should.


i still can’t believe one of the biggest dramas in america is people choosing not to stand up for a song. why is it even being played that often, i haven’t heard the u.k national anthem in real life in years. i don’t think much people even know the entire thing off by heart, it’s so strange that people complain about everyone being sensitive nowadays but are doing the most over people not standing up for a song.


people get annoyed when pretty people call themselves ugly, now watch them get annoyed when pretty people call themselves pretty. ‘uGh, sHe’S nOt eVeN tHaT pRetTy’ . obviously she’s joking around but she’s pretty anyways, speaking of yourself like this boosts confidence.


a king is my pfp.