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Repost from @gamenightmovie: Congrats to the filmmakers and cast! #GameNight has received 3 #CriticsChoice noms including Best Comedy, Best Actor in a Comedy Jason Bateman, and Best Actress in a Comedy Rachel McAdams.


Regram from @aquamanmovie: #Aquaman takes over New York! Follow the Aquaman World Tour on YouTube Now.


Producer and director Peter Jackson attends a special screening of #TheyShallNotGrowOld. Don’t miss the ground-breaking documentary in select theaters December 17 & 27 ONLY. Get tickets: FathomEvents.com/TSNGO


Regram from @readyplayerone: Congratulations to the filmmakers and visual effects team behind #ReadyPlayerOne for their 2 #CriticsChoice noms including Best Action Movie and Best Visual Effects!


Congrats to #SamElliott on his #CriticsChoice nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his stunning performance in #AStarIsBorn.


Regram from @godzillamovie: Which of these Titans are here to protect us, and which of these Titans are here to threaten us? See the full trailer for #GodzillaMovie in YouTube now – in theaters May 31.


Regram from @crazyrichasians: Congrats to the filmmakers and cast! The critically acclaimed #CrazyRichAsians has received 4 #CriticsChoice noms including Best Acting Ensemble, Best Comedy, @constancewu for Best Actress in a Comedy and Best Production Design.


Repost from @thelegomovie: There’s nothing like the holidays in Apocalypseburg 🎄Watch “Emmet’s Holiday Party: A LEGO Movie Short!” Full video on YouTube. #TheLEGOMovie2


Regram from @godzillamovie: New trailer tomorrow. #GodzillaMovie - in theaters May 31.


Regram from @aquamanmovie: What could be greater than a king? A hero. Get advance tickets now at the link in bio.


Regram from @themulefilm: DEA’s looking for a black pickup truck heading to Chicago. Needle in a haystack, but it's a start. Get tickets to #TheMule, only theaters December 14: fandango.com/themule