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Scrolled by this post from 2016, and it still rings true. It will be a snowy day in Hawaii before I stop working to my full potential, or settle in life.


@travispastrana, @r_sipes, & the crew are headed to Puerto Rico today, as promised by their #MXON effort. Proud of you all! | #TeamPuertoRico #AmeRican 🇺🇸🇵🇷 | These colors don’t run...either. & neither do I!


I created a “Wheels” fan page on Facebook; where I plan to post travel stories, my thoughts on motocross topics, and anything else I feel is interesting—or probably couldn’t get away with writing on @racerxonline. If you want to give it a follow tap the link in my bio, or search @wheels988 on the book of faces! 👍


No social media all week has been awesome. Hanging out with this little one this week has been even more awesomer. | #WheelsUp #WheelsOnTheGo #UncleWheels #UncleJason


1 week, no social media. Starting...NOW! | #Vacation ✌️📵 (Photo - @jasonmichaelwatkins)


#ThrowbackThursday: A motley crew of individuals just looking to have a good time.


Sometimes when I’m tired of looking at motorcycle content, or not in the mood to reply to texts, I find myself casually scrolling through photos of my niece, Mila—and a few minutes later things seem okay again. I don’t plan on ever being a dad, but I sure plan to be the most kick-butt uncle this little girl will ever have. ❤️ Love you, Mils.


I can still remember the exact layout of the turn-track I used to have in these trees. #GrandpasFarm


Thankful for these two kids. | #Cousins #HappyThanksgiving @maggiekalaher @vic.kalaher898


Tomorrow marks another holiday without you here. I wish you knew how badly I wish you were still around... #RIPGrandma ❤️


Just a couple kids from the Midwest...One rides dirt bikes, the other one just talks about dirt bikes way too much. 😂 | Stoked to have a friend like @bubbapauli who helps me stay focused, and is a solid example of how to present yourself as a professional. | #Supercross @supercrosslive


😳 Then imagine if he did actually ride to his “fullest potential...” 😳 | @therealjs7


‪Sometimes it takes me 20 minutes just to work up the strength to get out of my van when I get home after being gone on the weekends. Not to get personal, but this is the kind of stuff a lot of you don’t know about me. Being “Wheels” may look cool, and I’m absolutely blessed with a lot of neat experiences, but it’s also becoming more and more difficult. Not being confident in how much longer I want to, or will be able to, travel and be at the races and do the things I enjoy doing scares the daylights out of me, but it also motivates me to keep doing all I can while I’m still able. I’m not ready to shut this party down yet. If there’s something you really want in life, go freaking do it. Some day you’ll wish you had. (Photo - @jasonmichaelwatkins)