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SHOW them what you have to bring , it’s better to be around people that encourages and appreciates you with your imperfections!


Focus on with positivity and it will show with the people surrounding you world 🌎 ❤️


AT THE END of the day , I like to remind myself there is someone out there that has it worse than I do this is how I can make the best out of most occasions 🙃 @bts.bighitofficial got me on the kpop now


If you do it for yourself every one around you will anticipate it , stop doing what you thing every one you to do and start doing what you want to do! That’s the game of life


Showing your imperfections is not a weakness it’s been real , no body is perfect our imperfections makes us who we are and to me that’s a way better way of life when you life in your imperfection nothing or no one can bring you down! I’ve been there and it’s not me! The bro @hufshoot 📷


F.A.Q What style of dance do you do? . . A. I don’t do house , dance hall , hip hop , Afro I just dance stop trying to categorize me my dance is freedom and it’s my style it’s who I am how I dress and it’s me! 🎧 by the bro @onlykudzai


F.A.Q Why you always savage ? . . It’s always good to look at people in the 👀 to see the real from the pretenders , we all judge each other , some I’ll always give you the benefit of the doubt


F.A.Q why do I post silly photos ? . . A.because I’m trying to show more of who I am and my personality rather then trying to take the perfect photo for me this is more real , more me.


LUCK.... is brought by how much work you put in plus putting yourself out there (been judged will happen),Times how long you do it for , when people say I’m lucky I smile because they don’t know how much work and time I put in just because I make it look easy or natural does mean it’s not hard or I don’t work at it.. remember that when your having a hard day.So put yourself and ideals out there!


Is money the only reason you wake up in the morning? I never called my self a dancer on till last year because I always believed I had more to learn and understand of myself coming from Africa to growing up in a small country town to now living in a big city I have always been a self tough and self proud dancer I do not dance for no body but myself I will continue been who I am because it got me where I am with out having to pretend to be someone I am not I am not a very open person from when people meet me but over time they start to see how reall I am from my style to how I live to my ego and my s of proclaimed nice asshole attitude , I will continue to be me 🙃🤟🏽🍌


SUCCESS IS NOT judged by how much money we make but by how happy we are doing what we love


F.A.Q Do you ever stuff up? . . In this world where we judge and get judged I like to remind people and showing them what life and dance is about , how reall the fun of dance and finding it all in been yourself busy trying over and over again (nelly referance) and always failing and learning from them this will construct a better you and make you a better person @amarimonster


F.A.Q Who are there’s ladies dancing around you 😍? . . 💃 dancing with these ladies @debambam @alisongrenadier @ishtarmorosibrown the @pivot_dance family on our @janetjackson Vibe @amarimonster


F.A.Q Where have you been ? . . @hufshoot on the lens . . Keeping balance and knowing where I need to put my focus on is a key to starting to be self aware before we can star anything.


F.A.Q What is style to you ? . 📷 @hufshoot . . A. If you need other people to like you , you will never be happy , I dress for me and me alone if I like it I like it and if I can afford it that’s great if I get a deal even better and if people like my style , let them if they don’t let them. You are the style not a trend


F.A.Q Why are you always so chill ? . . Snapped by @hufshoot 🤟🏽thanks bro check him out give him a follow . A. There’s always someone that has it worse then you so 🙃


Growing up loving dance but never having the moving to pay for classes ,I think if you love something money should not stop you from going or geting it


Every time I go back to my town it always a pleasure to give back some dance knowledge @pivot_dance