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For me, it’s about the way up.


I’m not positive, but this feels pretty close to what my imagination says the ends of the earth would look like.


The parks may be in a complete mess but there is still good climbing to be had elsewhere. Heading to Bishop next weekend in search of some dry rocks to climb.


Sometimes you plan for a shoot, sometimes you’re out for a ski and some folks start hucking tricks right in front you.


At this point realizing how close we were to the summit, but also seeing how far we had left to go. It’s an interesting moment when you’re able to see how far the approach has taken you, and can actually see the path to the summit. Difficult and testing, but an exhilarating feeling as well.


The moment you realize that a random group of new friends coming together to try something challenging will shape the rest of your life...


Thinking back on the previous year goes hand in hand with the New Years holiday. We think about our goals for next year while trying to remember what exactly filled out 365 whole days of the last year. —— Trying to decide on a favorite moment seems particularly social media-esque, because life isn’t highlights, it’s all the moments that exist between, it’s how we treat our friends and family, and even those whom we don’t agree with. It’s the late night laughter and early morning workouts. Training for goals and failing at completing all the projects we set out to accomplish. Life is about growth, about pushing yourself, about accepting our uniqueness and loving one another. —— That said, when I think about where I learned something special in 2018, I think about Nepal. I humbly accepted @ivanward and @jessezamora.jr ‘s request to join them in a journey that I wasn’t even sure if I was qualified for. We journeyed across the globe to a part of the world that I hold close to my heart, and together with family and friends witnessed the joining of two humans under the shadows of the Himalayas. I’ve photographed a lot of beautiful moments over the years, but few have brought tears to my eyes. Thank to you both Ivan and Jesse.


Feliz Navidad from Baja! Ruby and I wish everyone the best, brightest, and most family and friend full holiday season!


I still remember the first time taking Ruby through the Redwoods. A place that always seems to emanate some mysticism with its rolling fog and trees that disappear because they’re so tall.


From the first of what is sure to be an annual pilgrimage to the Grand with @sterlingptaylor. Fortunate to call this human a friend. See you again soon.


This was the moment we created the final large rise in the approach to base camp, when we could first get a good look at Mount Redoubt. She’s a beauty of a mountain, and I’m happy to have had that time there.


There are some places that, no matter how many times we go, will always stop you when the light is just so.


No mountain is climbed by two different people in the same way. In that sense, each time you venture into the mountains you make your own first ascent. For even if you yourself have climbed this mountain before, you have certainly changed since the last time.