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Nature can surely put on some amazing shows of light and shadow.


I’ve been feeling a stronger than normal urge for salt water here recently. The closest I can get for now is an old photo, but it does help.


Remembering a time when one storm passed, the skies clearing just in time for the light show.


Seeking solitude


One of my favorite quotes comes from Calvin & Hobbes, a very insightful comic. It says, “If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently.”


We escape the bustle in the wild places. They may be far from any road, any person, or they may be close. They may be high in the mountains or close to an ocean. Any way we find our wild, we find a piece of us, learning a little more about what our place is in this big world.


Topping out on Irene’s Arete was the best way to finalize our trip through the Tetons. Today feeling thankful for good friends, good adventures, and good opportunities to keep this train running.


I definitely didn’t expect the opportunity to head back to Nepal this fall, but I’m optimistic that we can pull it off! Fingers crossed!


Front row seats to the mountain sunset show, my kind of night!


When it comes to camping, riverside is hard to beat. After a few hours of paddling down the Arkansas river, this spot seemed perfectly cozy for the evening.


Feeling good about warm summer night drives in the mountains.


The stoke is real. We met Jeff and his climbing partner Kate halfway up the Grand, and a few hours later saw them again at the summit. Moments later, there was buzzing in the air and they both felt tingling on their skin; tell tale signs of an imminent lightning strike. Sterling and I had just left the summit, and as soon as we heard what happened we all quickly and deliberately descended to a lower elevation. While nothing serious came from this experience, it goes to show why an awareness of your surroundings is invaluable in the backcountry.


We don’t need reasons to climb. The mountains bring a value beyond any that we can quantify, a reminder of the present moment, of the energy of the earth.


It’s easy to wake up for sunrise when you just roll over in your sleeping bag and peek toward the mountains. Cowboy camping has become much more common for me these last few years, being mountain-side and under the stars.


Every time we go to the mountains we learn something about ourselves, about the world, about life. I think that’s why there is such a continual draw to return, the continual search for knowledge and the opportunity to be closer to those answers.


Still one of my favorite colors: glacial lake blue.


Sometimes we have to put ourselves in a position to find the edge. Sometimes the edge finds us. Either way, it’s something that we all confront in our own ways, and in our own time.


One of my favorite things about heading into the mountains has to be being above the clouds. It seems like just a few weeks ago we were skiing off Mt Adams, but time seems to sneak away from you...