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William Woodward

Photographer, nomad. Following life's journey, curiously experiencing the world.


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Last October, we set out on a mission to set the World Record speed crossing of Iceland. Over ten days, @tomjwhittle battled to maintain pace, through wind, rain, and snow, covering 437 miles of Iceland’s variable terrain. Check out the link in my profile for the whole video! Special thanks to @backcountry for helping us make this a reality, and to @mandymarr and @jasonels , without the team this dream would have remained a dream.


The night sky continues to amaze me, the complexities of its depths unknown and unseen, yet we stare and wonder and wish upon the lights that rain down on us from above. It’s fascinating.


Hello, my name is Sheep, why are you in my field?


To live will be an awfully big adventure. ~ Peter Pan ~


I often have trouble sleeping in past sunrise... The wheels are just turning in my head of the possibilities of the day, and what might be waiting for me outside the sleeping bag. We kayaked along the coast and settled in this cozy cove, nursing sunburned skin and sharing smiles and laughs. I’ll take a lack of sleep for memories like these.


Ever chasing the sun, making the most of the moments we have.


2018: more mornings waking up in places like these.


In the mornings we’d begin packing early, while waiting for those precious first rays of sun to reach camp to break the cold.


Sometimes a photograph comes from careful planning, scouting, and execution. Other times it comes from submersing yourself in the outdoors, and keeping yours eyes open to the magical moments that come your way. I think I prefer the latter.


Not exactly the ski-out we were hoping for on Tioga Pass road...


Up up and away we go! We left out of Twin Lakes Towards Matterhorn Pass, and while the snow levels didn’t seem great, they surely weren’t as dismal as we were about to find... #chaseyourGOAT


Casually hanging out in ole Ruby’s kitchen/living room/office while on set with @backcountry last October. Such a fun day with a rad group of people. Photographed by the talented @_benchristensen , who recently swooped himself a van! Next adventures will be van adventures!


Chasing the midnight sun outside Anchorage. Times change, and we do too. The stories that we tell around the campfire are built of memories of days spent outdoors, making mistakes and learning. Learning to laugh at ourselves and the crazy string of events that have led up to the thing we call our life.


"When life brings you mountains, you don’t waste your time asking why; you spend your time climbing over them." - A.J. Darkholme Into the mountains we go! See y’all next week sometime!


The last time I was in Yosemite I was able to photograph @andrewmupchurch sending his project in the valley! From my experiences so far, there’s always inspiration to be found here, from the people to the landscape. It exists in such great quantities that it’s no wonder the draw this area has. Stoked to be seeing it in a completely new way this week, up in high country, albeit not quite as covered in snow as we’d like!


The last time I explored this area it was the tail end of summer, climbing Mount Conness in a long sleeve T-shirt. Thursday, we head in to Yosemite’s backcountry for a week of (hopefully) skiing, perhaps some climbing, and plenty of type 2 fun! Sharing the stoke with @andrewfitts @sterlingptaylor and @taylormichaelburk ! 🤙🏼


One of my favorite songs is titled “Mountains Meet the Sea,” and I cant think of any place I’ve seen that it reminds me of more. Here, high above the ocean, the waves were barely a rustle in the wind, and the salt air was being carried on a warm, soft breeze.


I’d love to go hide out here for a week or two, getting lost in books, writing and drawing... Rain on the roof playing a song to sleep to in the evenings.