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Trusting God with my Process 🙏🏾 Director | DP | Writer 🎬 RED Owner & Ronin Operator ✉️ bookingwilliamrouse@gmail.com


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One of the best setups I’ve used in awhile! No matter the tool you use, it has to ergonomically work with the style and speed of the project. The sigma cinema zooms we used allowed us to cut our setup time in half on this feature! Owned and built by - @pascalfilm


God Bless you all in 2018! Time to develop new positive habits!


This picture pretty much sums up my year. I’ve learned so much and have so much to learn!


Be the best YOU! I have so much to learn and I’m beyond thankful to those who constantly pour into me on a daily basis. You all help me to grow. God Bless! 📸: @shulgachy #shotoniphone8plus


Our gear layout from our last Kauai Trip with @jakobowens & @buffnerdsmedia !


How many weekly goals did you accomplish? Where did you fall short? Self evaluation can be extremely important in your growth. Be honest with yourself. 📸: @kilikaiahuna


Kauai Dreamin! #shotoniphone8plus


Remaining who you are can be difficult, but if you know who you are, you will never compromise. I’m a cheesy, corny, intelligent, weird, successful, goofy kid from Chino Hills and I’m proud of it! Have a blessed day everyone! 📸: @kilikaiahuna


@jakobowens absolutely bodied this video in Kauai! Go check out the link in his bio! #shotoniphone8plus


It’s Friday! It’s Friday! It’s Friday! Make the best of today! 📸: @jakobowens


It’s been a blast running around shooting in Kauai with the #squadrant ! @jakobowens & @samkinglv you guys killed it! Lil Upgrade @phoenixlongley you did an incredible job & @kilikaiahuna thank you for rolling with us!


My favorite place on 🌏! #shotoniphone8 #vsco


Some quick screen grabs from the latest @lonerscotty video I directed. Gonna start sharing a lot more work with you guys. Hope you enjoy! Have an awesome day and make the most of the time you have. A lot of people don’t have the opportunities we did so constantly remind yourself to be thankful.


Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours! God Bless! 🤣


Create freely. Do not restrict your imagination due to your current circumstances. 📸: @the_amannny


Write your vision and see it through! A lot of us won’t even take the time to write it due to fear. Fear is a weak emotion that you must get rid of to succeed. Write your vision and see it through! 📸: @simondavid__


It’s only considered a failure if you don’t learn and grow from your mistakes. Growth is where greatness develops. Just don’t make the same mistakes twice. Enjoy the process. 📸: @simondavid__


Create, create, create... you have a story to tell! 📸: @photosbyashenafe