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Do you have a bucket list? A list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket? I first started mine back when @jennymeyerson had her blog, she inspired me to think about all those things I would tell myself, “I’d love to do that one day” Thanks Jenny 😘 Whether you want to have a formal list or not, identifying what you want to do with your life and being intentional about making those things happens is 👍🏻 and 👌🏻 Life ends up flying by, you know. You’ve got to get out there and live it. Well today’s family hike up #mountwarning checked another thing off my bucket list. My body hurts, and I scared myself a couple of times, but I am glad I did it. Especially with my two loves. ❤️ And I am super proud of our daughter who inspired this mother to dig a bit deeper on the final scramble up the rock face with only a chain for support. What’s something you’d love to check off your bucket list?


Where do your eggs come from? Everyday when we buy or eat food we get to choose to support different farming systems. Me, I’d like my eggs to come from hens free to roam on grass, express natural behaviours and whose genes don’t make them lay at artificially high rates at the expense of their health. Just start asking where your food comes from and you’ll learn a lot. 👊🏻


Staring wistfully at what was the weekend......... Sunday you go so quickly.


Happy Fluffy Butt Friday everyone. It’s Friday night here. I have a beer in hand, hubby is cooking spaghetti and I’m dreaming of the weekend ahead. ❤️


Yep. I know what she’s thinking. The expression says it all. 😂


And the sun sets on what was a lovely Sunday at home. I love this place and all the animals we share it with. ❤️


So nice to have the hens laying again. ❤️ I’ve missed their eggs more than ever.


Popping in to wish you all a happy Fluffy Butt Friday. . During my recent break from Instagram I’ve been thinking about social media, what I like, what I don’t, what I have time for and why I am even here. I know I’m not alone. . I’ve see plenty of similar posts of people reflecting on how much time they spend scrolling and the consequences of that. . But there’s great inspiration and connection to be had here so I’m going to do things a bit differently here, try a different approach, get back to the reason why I’m here. . Oh and something I did want to share with you. You know that world that existed before Instagram, that’s 2010 if you’re wondering, it’s still there. . Turn the screen off, pick up that book, watch that tv show with out checking notifications and first thing in the morning and last thing at night don’t scroll. It feels really good✌🏻


Plenty to crow about this morning. Last night, our state, New South Wales, won the first State Of Origin game. That might not mean a lot to people who don’t follow Rugby League. But believe me, for an avid fan who wore her team jumper to work and took a lot of jives from her colleagues - this victory is sweet. #gotheblues 💙


When I first started to be more conscious of what we were eating, there was a great sense of fatigue and overwhelm. I mean there can be so much to consider, how much sugar is in it? how much fat? does it have low food miles? what about the animal’s welfare? is it organic? Try doing that on a weekday night, after work, whilst wondering down the grocery aisle. It’s just gets too hard, very quickly. What works for me is making small changes, incrementally. Find something that doesn’t overwhelm. Start there. When that becomes normal and routine change something else. And our grocery trolley isn’t perfect, there will still be the occasional bag of potato chips. But our diet has changed remarkably bit by bit by bit .......


We’re not the only ones enjoying the Tangelos. We’d better get picking! 😂


I don’t have great memories of roosters from my childhood. The only roosters i knew were the little bantam roosters at the #collingwoodchildrensfarm They were aggressive and used to attack my gum boots. I still remember my Dad fending one off with a broom! So when we first got a rooster I was a little nervous. But we got Val, my first Barnevelder rooster and he won me over with his sweet nature. And now we have Camo, Val’s son (pictured here) and he carries on his fathers legacy as a great flock leader who is gentle and trustworthy. Now, a good rooster is probably one of my favourite animals ❤️


And so begins the season where we all chase the Winter sun. ❄️ Soaking it up. Warming our bones. Feeling its goodness. The chickens understand, obviously.


Hope you’re tucked up somewhere nice and warm tonight ❄️ Like this Koala who was seen in our yard. Night night folks. A whole brand new week starts tomorrow.


Happy Fluffy Butt Friday. It’s also the first day June, the middle of the year is here already. The first half of the year has just flown for me. The first four weeks of January when I was on holidays between jobs was leisurely. But then I started a new job, blinked and it’s June. Even though I try to slow our days down, find pockets of quiet, the days and weeks are flying by. How about you? Do you feel the same? Is it the season of being a working mum? Can someone hit the pause button while I catch up?


So much abundance. 🍊 Our old Tangelo tree is full of fruit. Any suggestions on what to do with all of it?