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Had this yesterday, before the 🌨️❄️🌨️ started coming down today! Notes from a previous post, but still the same! 🍇 The 2017 vintage is the first year of Standing Stone @standingstoneny and Hermann Wiemer @hermannjwiemer together for some of Standing Stone’s offerings. Across the board at Standing Stone, with the 2017 Standing Stone/Wiemer combos, everything has taken a marked step up. This Chardonnay is no different. This is a great FLX Chardonnay from the 2017 vintage, for sure. 🍇 75% steel, 25% oak. Oak is half New Hungarian and half neutral oak. Barrels are larger format barrels, and the smaller ones are older. Why am I telling you/nerding out about this? Because all of this (amongst other things) changes the texture, the thickness, the creaminess of this Chardonnay. 🍇 This is a luscious and beautifully delicate Chardonnay. Fruit is pronounced, but not in your face or restrained. A waxy, slight cream tinge, thicker red apple peel -- not sour. A very slight draw of white pepper, slight citrus, and continued delicate fruit. Most, throughout, that viscous smoothness I mentioned earlier. Definitely a winner.👏👏👍


Yardwork, yardwork, and more yardwork 🤦‍♂️ This calls for Riesling. Luckily this No.239 from @boundarybreaks was ready to go!! •• So many 🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁!!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😬


Agustí Torelló Mata Xarel-lo 2017, from Penedès, Spain 🇪🇸🇪🇸. 🍇 ✏️📝 “School Night Wine” 📝✏️ alert. I'm not in school, but I steal the term from my friend Sarah @corksunleashed as an inexpensive bottle, usually (to me) that is easy-drinking too. This lovely Xarello was $13 USD if I remember correctly! 👍👍🤩 🍇 Tang. Thick citrus. Some florality like Gewurz and some Riesling. Medium body. Creamier like some Pinot Blanc and Chardy. Longer finish. Medium to long. Super solid school night option!! All steel, a little stone fruit/peach. Racy finish. On lees 3 months. 11.5% alcohol. 🍇👍🍷🍷 What are we drinking this weekend??! Cheers, y'all. 👊👊👊🕺💃


I'm in Chicago, but you're getting a flashback from the summer. Quick shout to all y'all -- Have a great weekend, wherever you are in the world! 😎🍷🍷🍷 I want some bubbles. That's gonna have to happen tonight! • • • • • • • •


Where's your happy place?! Mine is in the vineyard, preferably in the Fall 🍁🍂🍁 after harvest with those Fall vibes! @terroir_twosome was asking about a favorite winery, but I'm taking this in a slightly different way: favorite vineyard?! (I hate when people use them interchangeably). •• ALSO, all you west coast friends, this is "The Other Lodi!" 😏😉 •• Happy Winesday 👍🍁🍁🍂🍷🍷 🍇🍇


If you’re in the U.S. 🇺🇸🇺🇸 get your butt out to vote if you haven’t already!! 🙌🙌 •• Swipe ⬅️⬅️ for an awesome WINE 🍷🍷 ART reminder from my friend Elysia @elysiamyers.wineart 😍😍😍 •• Flashback from the weekend, these are two that we’ll be opening tonight. A CF Rosé and the BEST Unoaked Cab Franc in the Finger Lakes in years, the 2017 “T23 Cabernet Franc” from Lamoreaux Landing @lamoreauxwine . That’s a big statement, I know, but I stand by it!! 👍 • Any suggestions for the white?? We have two of the three major food groups so far 😎😉😆🍷🍷😂😂🤣 • • •


Yesterday was a beautiful Fall day here in the Finger Lakes. The sun was out for once, cool temps, no crowds at the wineries. I stopped by Silver Thread, I hadn’t been there since 2017, or maybe it was 2016? I don’t know, I’m getting too old to remember. 😐😬 (Really). •• But, I ended up with this lovely SEMI Dry Riesling, the 2016 Semi Dry Riesling from Silver Thread. 2016 was a great year in the Finger Lakes. For those that know my preferred style, I usually choose Dry, if I have to pick between Dry and Semi Dry. The Dry was very good, but this Semi Dry was the one I chose for home! It’s a touch below medium on the RS, for me, but it’s taut, lively, racy, with nice acidity to balance that fruit. Stonefruit and a little tropical fruit. A bit of green apple, a touch of earthy florality. Very well balanced all around. •• ALSO, 👋👋👋From the bottle reflection 😂😂🤣. •• A great addition, on a great day in the FLX! What’d you guys have this weekend?? 🤨🤔 •• I'm ready for Monday to be done now...😎


Sorry guys -- this is gonna sound rude, but it's not meant to be -- I got the last 2016 Syrah from Hector Wine Company (@hectorwineco ) today. 😬😬 •• Someone had to do it!! But, the good news is that I'll share. 😉😉👍🍷 •• It was the end of our Wine Tasting Sunday Funday, and it was the last bottle, so I cornily had to go (in my stories): "The Last Syrah." 😏😏😉😬 •• I know, I know. Dish it. I can take it. 😎😎 XOXOXO ••


I'm starting to put together my Thanksgiving wine list! Last year I had the 2016 Heart & Hands Rosé. I've been saving this one, the 2017 Rosé from @hearthandswine for Thanksgiving, again. I'm guessing it's sold out!? 😲😲 🍷🍷 What's on your list?🤔🤨 Let me know!⬇️⤵️ 🍷🍷🍷👍


I’m thinking about getting cozy with this 2015 Blaufränkisch from Atwater Vineyards @atwaterwine tonight for Halloween 👻👻. Full disclosure, I’m not much of a costume fan 😬. But, you can bet the kids (🐕 🐈) will be dressing up! 🍷 Happy Hallowine! 🎃🎃🎃Cheers guys! 🍷👻🍷


Tomorrow is Halloween 🎃🎃, so my “End of the Month” question is coming today: What was the best wine you had in October? 🤔🤔🤨 •• I have to go with this 2016 Pinot Blanc from Kemmeter. Delicate, alluringly complex, light but precise: a draw of smoke, a touch of lemon oil and lemon curd, waxiness of a polished apple. A touch of melon, candied melon, honeoyed but not sweet. Round. Contrived. Mellowed, distinct, and sophisticated. 🍇🍇 Consistently the best Pinot Blanc in the FLX!! 👍 🍇🍇 What was your favorite OR the best wine you had this month?! ⤵️⬇️⤵️Lemme know! 🍷🍷👍


Well, I wasn't gonna post twice today. But then I found out it's #nationalcatday 🐱😽🐾🐈 Seeing as how this is my (more) wine focused account, you're getting wine throwbacks of my little guy, so many of you have seen these already...On some, he was just out of the hospital after getting diabetes. He's ok now. • 🍷🍷 + 🐈 People, where you at?? • • • • • #catslife #igcats #igpets #catsstagram #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #fingerlakes #flx #winelover #winepic #newyork #winewin #vinotinto #winetime #petsandwine #wineo #flxwine #newyorkwine #wine #winecountry #vino #upstateny #vinho #wino #winepic #winelover #mondaymotivation #backyard #capture


It can be difficult to narrow down Riesling around here. I know of only one winery in the Finger Lakes that doesn’t make Riesling. It’s obviously the flagship white; and deservedly so with some truly world-class options. But the reds? In recent years, Cabernet Franc has become -- whether people agree or not -- the flagship red, if there has to be a red flagship, that is. Does there? It can also be difficult to narrow down the best Cab Franc. At a blind/horizontal tasting earlier this year, there were 13 CF’s, and they were of course very very different. 🍇 One of my favorites without-a-doubt is Ryan William’s Cab Franc. This is the 2013. The 2012 and 2010 were also very very good. This stands out to me because it’s different than *most* FLX CF, which generally tends to be lighter to medium bodied. This one is dark, robust, layered, developing-ever-so-much. I think my friend Valerie called it “brooding,” which I completely agree with. I brought this to my brother-in-law earlier this year (he doesn’t usually drink single varietal CF) and he was floored. 🍇 Dark, deep, Ruby. Dark raspberries and dark cherries, a bit of black fruit but not too much. Spicy. Strong, thick, stout. A bit of graphite. Layers and layers of cassis, dark currants, and blackberries. Medium to long finish. Thick, full-bodied for an FLX CF, but medium to full (if we’re going according to “all” wine). Nice tannins, evident, but certainly not over over the top. Structure, balance, layers, all wrapped into a beautiful package. 🍇 Not sure how much is left, or if you can find it at stores, but add it to the list if you’re visiting. ✌️✌️😁👍🍷🍷


Keeping the fall vibes 🍁🍁🍂🍁 going! The 🌞☀️ came out for all of 30 minutes yesterday. I rushed to cut the grass in the front yard hopefully for the last time this year. This Blaufränkisch from Red Tail Ridge @redtailridgewinery from @rtrwinemaker is my epitome of Autumn in a bottle! • It's earthy and herbaceous, but not light bodied. In fact it's probably the thickest and most tannic of any FLX Blaufränkisch options. Definitely a great one in my book! • @kmeyersemery had me thinking about this one! @lennthompson gets very excited that this is now Blaufränkisch (and not Lemberger) 😏😏😉. • What's your favorite "Fall / Autumn" wine? Pick one. Don't get hasty, like me 😁😁😆. • • • • • #fallvibes #autumn #blaufränkisch #fingerlakes #flxwine #flx #foliage #winetime #naturephotography #outside #winepic #redwine #vinho #vineyard #wein #thirsty #newyork #newyorkwine #upstateny #winewin #winelover #weekendvibes #wineoclock #vino #foodandwine #yard #winecountry #winery #fall #vinotinto


True story, it’s snowed a few times already. It only stuck once, but it was definitely blowing ❄️❄️ yesterday morning. Also a true story: I drink Rosé all year. Even when it’s snowing. No, not only when it’s sunny or summery. Why? Because it’s delicious when done right, and it’s also a really great food pairing. I had this a few days ago, 2016 CF Rosé from Randolph O’Neill. You might have seen it if you check stories. A very small producer, literally a one-man operation.👍 • Don’t get me wrong, I like the reds in the fall and winter too...but I’m not about having there be a “season” for Rosé.😉 • End semi-rant. 😂🤣 • Happy Friday, Y’all!! What’s going on this weekend? I’m hoping to get to some wineries (it’s been a while! 😬😬 ), if I get enough adulting done 😕😕😔. Any FLX people wanna go, lemme know 👍. •