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• im 28 today! 💚☘️ •


• let me show you how i capture bits and parts of vancouver now - 50 questions to ask yourself for deep insight: when was the last time i learned something new? okay well i actually did a 7 day meditation retreat with my aunt last month but it was really just last week that i started meditating once every other day in the morning and i’ve learned that just meditating when i wake up gives me a clear start to my day with almost razor like focus and motivation (i am trying to meditate everyday now) •


• i’m still waiting wide awake for the waves to come and take take me right to you •


• could you ever imagine walking through staircases on top of a mountain overseeing stretches and miles of land farther than the eye can see? - btw out of curiosity do you guys prefer to see landscape photos in portrait frame or landscape frame? - i feel with landscape frame you can see everything but in portrait frame everything looks bigger and clearer... i just hate how everything looks so much tinier in landscape frame but you get to see the whole picture •


• literally the world at your fingertips - make it something special •


• this is pretty much where the 70 degree (i made this up, i don’t know the exact degree but it’s seriously very steep) staircase begins - going down for me was easy and i was able to take photos simultaneously but climbing back up was scary as fuck, i was legit whispering to myself to not look down and repeatedly kept saying “ho’kay...ho’kay” and i could feel my legs shake and just anticipating the moment i reached the top flat stairway 😭 - BTW i’ve been changing up my editing style, i haven’t yet figured out/perfected a “unique editing style” and honestly i don’t know if i should stick to one editing style.. i like to change it up but at the same time i want to create a style or theme that is unique to my feed but i also don’t lol ya i’m confusing af.. also thank you to those who gave me feedback on my last edit it •


• so this is the view of the 9.3 miles or 15 km hike through the moanalua valley trail on the way to stairways to heaven in hawaii - its was the longest and most rewarding hike of my life, i started from the bottom and as i made my way up the ridges climbing and grabbing onto ropes, branches, and whatever i could reach i was eventually rewarded with this beauty •


• SWIPE ➡️➡️ to see the whole picture - this photo was actually *heavily* edited because i wasn’t able to shoot it during the time i would have liked to (check my story to see the b&a) it’s my first time ever artificially editing a landscape shot that didn’t have much to work with in the beginning so please give me your honest opinion - it was a lot of fun editing this photo from my hawaii trip - 50 deep questions to ask yourself for deep insight: when was the last time i heard the words “i love you”? - lol probably a few days ago from celeste •


• colourful hair don’t care colourful smoke don’t care - 50 deep questions to ask yourself for deep insight: when was the last time i told myself “i am enough“? - tbh i never really think i’m enough but not in terms of enough for others or in others eyes, it’s more of i never think i’m enough for myself because there’s always so much i strive and want to do or tell myself to do and the tough part is i never have the time to do everything i want to do because there is just too much to do and i personally feel like i struggle with time management and allocating time for important tasks - i’ve started meditating and that’s helped me a lot with calming down my overactive brain (and i mean a really overactive brain - think brushing teeth and cleaning bathroom sink and countertop at the same time while thinking about all the other crap i need to get done), it’s really helped me be more focused and in the moment where i can rationally think out one thing at a time with what i need to prioritize... but it’s a working progress - i know i‘m enough but i just want to be better •


• swipe right ➡️➡️ to see the whole picture - 50 deep questions to ask yourself for deep insight: what is one thing i could start doing today to improve the quality of my life? - introduce a habit of exercising into my life, and i really shouldn’t be finding excuses to why i haven’t already started making exercise a habit, it’s good for the brain especially aerobic exercises and my knee needs the strengthening exercises - i have a gym in my building and i even have a gym pass but i still haven’t formed a habit of going, i keep saying i will go, but i rarely go... okay damnit this is bad... i need to go soon... okay but at least i’m aware of this and i’m going to do something about it •



• w/ @shotbysolo under that gas mask, you were so good during this shoot 😊 - this was a few weeks back with my friday fam @paulaportnoi @shutter_ninja_ @instadavew @graffman420 - if you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects - albert einstein damn this is so true. •


• 🔥 🐼 🔥 with the lovely @alex_barbie_leo - finally had a chance to edit this shot, we shot this almost a month ago and it was fairly quick, literally like 5 mins because so many people were watching us and hitting on alex 😂 •


• haven’t posted landscapes in awhile since i’ve been so interested in shooting portraits but i like to shoot everything i find intriguing and plus i’ve never shot science world at night so voila ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 - 50 deep questions to ask yourself for deep insights: am i following the crowd or am i listening to my own heart and intuition? - ahhh this is such a hard one for me, it depends on who i am with actually, usually when i’m with friends i’ll always want to do something that everyone wants to do and if i don’t want to i’ll just say no but there are times i will go with the flow, but if it’s with someone i really like i sometimes lose myself in what i want to do because i’m enjoying too much time with that person and it’s not a bad thing but i just need to find a balance... soo i’ll admit i do follow the crowd but in the end when i’m alone i catch myself before losing myself and i follow my own heart •