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• we lit the art gallery up 😎 - 50 questions to ask yourself for deep insight: do i treat myself with the love and respect i truly deserve? lmaooo i thought so, but i most likely need to do some more self reflecting.. being human is so complex sometimes, one second you think you know what’s good for yourself and what you want and the next you’re doubting yourself about everything you’ve done or wanted.. anyways going to go love myself now.. in bed ps: i get these questions off google, but i’m sure you guys kinda already knew •



• tb to one of my fav places to shoot reflections - i wish i could be a morning person, i can wake up early if i HAVE to, like a dentist appointment or to catch a flight, but i just hate the waking up process, i envy you natural early birds •


• w/ @shotbysolo under that gas mask, you were so good during this shoot 😊 - this was a few weeks back with my friday fam @paulaportnoi @shutter_ninja_ @instadavew @graffman420 - if you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects - albert einstein damn this is so true. •


• 💥⚡️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 w/ @paulaportnoi - 50 deep questions to ask yourself for deep insights: what would i do differently if i knew nobody would judge me? - probably marry an old man with lots of money, get him to buy me my dream tesla x and never have to work a day in my life. hahaha i’m joking, like legit joking, you know how jokes have a hint of truth in it, well this one has none. i actually don’t like dating older men, i think it’s because i like them looking young and most of the older men that has ever hit on me just didn’t turn me on i’m sorry your money or profession doesn’t turn me on, i need to be able to get turned on by your face, that sounds so superficial but men are the same too with girls so whatever. so i like my men young (looking) go on and judge now!!!!!! (PS: not a lot of older men has hit on me in life, it’s usually me doing the hitting on men 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤓) •


• 🔥 🐼 🔥 with the lovely @alex_barbie_leo - finally had a chance to edit this shot, we shot this almost a month ago and it was fairly quick, literally like 5 mins because so many people were watching us and hitting on alex 😂 •


• haven’t posted landscapes in awhile since i’ve been so interested in shooting portraits but i like to shoot everything i find intriguing and plus i’ve never shot science world at night so voila ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 - 50 deep questions to ask yourself for deep insights: am i following the crowd or am i listening to my own heart and intuition? - ahhh this is such a hard one for me, it depends on who i am with actually, usually when i’m with friends i’ll always want to do something that everyone wants to do and if i don’t want to i’ll just say no but there are times i will go with the flow, but if it’s with someone i really like i sometimes lose myself in what i want to do because i’m enjoying too much time with that person and it’s not a bad thing but i just need to find a balance... soo i’ll admit i do follow the crowd but in the end when i’m alone i catch myself before losing myself and i follow my own heart •


• le golden hour at the @vancity meet up when i asked @paulaportnoi to just throw some confetti in the air and i’ve been digging confetti shots they are so fantastically magical it tickles my eyes my when i see them - 50 deep questions to ask yourself for deep insight: am i human being or a human doing? - lol first of all, what kind of weird question is this... but anywways i was born a human being (female actually) nut i am also a human that likes to do a lot of things.. i can’t just be lazy and do nothing with my life.. i have goals for myself in terms of pushing my photography, i have money goals because i want to make bank and not be poor (i actually fear being poor 🤭), i want to start eating healthier but i hate prepping and cooking my food (which is why i need to make money so i can hire a chef 😂😏) and i have family goals i want to have in the future (but who knows when that will be right?! heheheh first gotta find the right person for that). SO i am both a human being and human doing.


• you’re an effin’ rockstar @carterthehero 🔥 - 50 deep questions to ask yourself for deep insights: do the people i surround myself with add any value to my life - of course i don’t have time to hang out with people that don’t enrich my life, and i don’t mean this in a selfish way, i believe any kind of relationships should be beneficial to both parties in terms of support, positivity and self-growth and good laughs 🤓 •


• the statue of🗽 - it was a delight to meet everyone at the @vancity event the other day and to finally be able to put a face to the local photographers i follow on insta 😊 - this was shortly after the event @paulaportnoi @instadavew @graffman420 @shutter_ninja_ @shotbysolo @ensatir and i went to go light up some shit, this shot is a composite of two different exposures while @shutter_ninja_ stood there very still •


• what would i do with my life if i knew there were no limits? - lol i’d be a smooth criminal, haha jk, if i knew there were no limits in my life i’d become a self made millionaire🙈 but i’m still gonna get myself there one day ✌🏼 •


• tb to the time i met up with @instadavew @graffman420 @paulaportnoi @shutter_ninja_ @niztalifa to shoot, i can’t remember who it was who shot this but thanks for the awesome shot - 50 deep questions to ask yourself for deep insights: “is the life that i am living the life i want to be living?” - hands down, yes. i don’t feel i’ve reached my full potential but i definitely feel i’m on the right track especially if i don’t get sidetracked from what my goals i know i’ll be good •


• really been digging portrait shoots what is this new fantastical feeling 🙀🙀🙀 lol and my feed is flooded with @alex_barbie_leo now but you’re just so easy to shoot - 50 deep questions to ask yourself for deep insights: “am i a good example for those around me?” - i don’t think i can answer this with a yes or a no, it’s really dependant on the situation and with who i am with, different vibes and situations bring out a different side of me, but for the most part i would say i’m a good example for those around me as long they are a good example to me hahaha •




• 50 deep questions to ask yourself for deep insights and here we go: “are my actions guided by love, or by fear?” - definitely love, all my actions are guided by love, like with photography i’m always inspired by other artists work and i love trying to recreate their work with my own little touch even if it seems hard to do or i’m not sure how they did it but i’m not scared to fuck around and figure it out myself - i also have my own ecommerce business, this is actually my main stream of income, and i wasn’t scared to invest money into products and to sell it knowing there’s a risk that you’ll end up with excess inventory if they don’t sell, but because i have a love for money so i was determined to make sure i succeeded and make that bank on my own - and i always put my whole heart into relationships hahaha, this is actually not always to my benefit, because i just have so much love to give and sometimes i would worry if i’m putting too much emotions into someone but i just want to love someone and be loved by someone, that’s not too much to ask for right? haha i’m always scared to get my heart broken but i never let this fear get in the way of me, because i believe in love 💚 - hindsight is always 20/20 so i try my best to own up to and take responsibility of my mistakes and learn from it and eventually become a better human being •


@alex_barbie_leo you’re a head turner for sure ;) - 50 deep questions at ask yourself for deep insights and here we go: “am i a better person today, than i was yesterday?” - well the day kind of just started for me cause i woke up like 30 mins ago, but i would say yes i will be a better person today since i woke up feeling refreshed and motivated, and it wasn’t one of those days where i woke up depressed and unmotivated - lately it’s been a battle for myself to make everyday a productive day sometimes i just want to lay in bed for hours and forget about my problems and the worst part my problems aren’t even as big as others, others are going through tougher problems so i shouldn’t be depressed for anything but it’s a chemical imbalance in my brain - however this week i haven’t woken up feeling unmotivated so yes today i am a better person than i was yesterday •


• thanks @melissajanemodeling for letting me come into our trashy tent to wake you up and 📷 you - 50 questions to ask yourself for deep insight and here we go: “when was the last time i told myself ‘i love you’?” - i honestly can’t remember, i don’t ever really tell myself i love me.. i usually love others before ever loving myself.. i’ll take care of myself, buy things for myself, but i’ve never really told myself i love me.. it just feels weird to me to tell myself i love myself, maybe i’ve said it in a joking way but i’ve never looked at myself in the mirror and said i love you, but i know i must love myself because i have to live with myself forever so i might as well just live with it and go on right... •


• and this completes the row 🤗 - @courtneyjadeeeee thank you again for being such a sexy model, one of the reasons why i wanted to go to camping 7.0 wasn’t only to go on spiritual escapades but honestly to shoot the UV light painting set ups you guys had, you need to bring this every year 💚💚 @facefinesse