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novelty is so seductive. the chance to expand one’s matrix of knowledge and perspectives and experiences through the unfamiliar (and new aspects of the already familiar) is incredibly alluring and valuable i think. just one of many reasons i find the experience of traveling so so important if one has the privilege of doing so. there are so many people we’ve yet to know and mountains/forests we’ve yet to explore and food/art/music we’ve yet to encounter and spaces/atmospheres we’ve yet to experience and ideas we’ve yet to become conscious of. really really hope i can look back in 10 years and see that i was able to continue to expose myself to newness and oldness and everything in between and become a more whole and useful/helpful person in the process. ok that is all for now khodahafez bye pc: @___naz.___


ok i must have the touch of death or something bc within the last month and a half i’ve somehow managed to break (ie completely obliterate the function of) my laptop hard drive, my phone, the ac in my car, aves phone for the SECOND time, and now his bike. and who knows what else? @ friends and fam don’t come near me unless you’re willing to suffer the consequences. you’ve been warned 😇💀


it’s 6am in sevilla and I have to be up in an hour how fun . photo from a few weeks ago in rome and yeah knowing me you probably shouldnt expect to see any more for another year or so hahahasdfjfskfkk


the jefferson memorial is a cutie 03.2018


Trying to find a single photo of me being still and normal and actually posing for or at the very least looking at the camera is such a headache lmao ALSO yes yes both of the photos in this series are essentially the same swipe left for the better frame though 🐙


eww i reaaally have not been feeling my photos lately which is unfortunate considering how many dope places and people i’ve had the privilege of experiencing and spending time w in these past months. such is life and i’ll continue to share regardless i guess but pls always remember that the places/people on my insta look 50x cooler in real life than they do in my photos thx 💛


I’ve fallen so terribly behind on so many things that are important to me outside of my academic/professional life lately. birthday and other messages I’ve yet to respond to (thank u thank u 💛. i promise I will express my appreciation to u personally REAL soon. it’s not you, it’s me.), phone convos and coffee dates and brunches and dinners I’ve been meaning to make happen for ages, etc. planning on being v diligent about getting shit together this summer! (keep me accountable) Also here are some photos from Yosemite 🌲


etc 🍓


On an educational rampage tryna get caught up w all the non-western culture and history which I was never exposed to in school (wHy america. why) & which I also failed to learn about myself. Also i love archaeological sites bc theyre like magical little portals to the past that make salient not only the remarkable degree of resilience and resourcefulness and intelligence humans have had the capacity for for eras and eras but also the insane trajectory of human progress over time. I have a long list of many I want to visit and learn about in az and around the world if u have recommendations please share 💛


from within a cliff dwelling in walnut canyon 🔻


can you imagine 469 miles of this goodness 🍂 (final set of blue ridge parkway photos i promise) . btw the reason im posting these photos soo late is bc for the longest time i couldn’t find a single photo i took on this trip that i genuinely liked (typical). nothing’s really changed but I finally decided to just settle and post some moderately okay photos that are, if u squint really hard, hopefully still slightly evocative of the breathtaking experience we had on the parkway. @ autumn until next time


Lately I’ve been trying to be more attentive to those unique, transitory phenomena that present and fade with the passing of each season. Immersing myself in these beautifully/painfully ephemeral aspects of our world has encouraged me to practice a much stronger sense of presence in these and other moments. So yeah if u ever see me caught up in the noise of my own life allowing spring to pass by without witnessing the wildflowers for example feel free to slap me


I’ve dreamed of experiencing fall on the Blue Ridge Parkway for the longest time, and last october @nadratchowdhury helped me make it happen 🤗 Noodz and I traversed the entirety of the parkway over a long weekend and I couldn’t have chosen a better person to do it w (btw if ur schedule allows for it def take more time to do this bc there are 280 viewpoints and hundreds of trails and you. will. die. of. fomo). Without her pragmatism to ground my idiotically idealistic itinerary we would’ve been driving literally all morning and all night for 3 days straight, and without her energy/ enthusiasm/willingness to take the wheel half the time we wouldn’t have been able to experience so many stunning parts of the parkway. As u can tell, she’s the shit. Thx again for experiencing this beautiful chunk of the earth w me noodz I love u ❤️❤️❤️


u can take me basically anywhere, including the random af new castle delaware, and my v simple mind will still find something to be excited about/intrigued by 😶



“how do you wake someone up from inside a dream?” 04.2017


blessed to be in the presence of these musical genii last night ∆ :’) w @___naz.___ & @shabeebshah per usual this may be nauseating sorry friends


Post-hiking is the best time to brunch w fam bc for once in their lives my eternally energetic parents are slightly exhausted and it’s much less likely that our meal will be accompanied by some discourse about how my dad coulda easily cooked the same if not a better meal or how it’s unwise to pay $15 for eggs and fruit or that avocado toast is apparently the most concerning obstacle holding me back from becoming a homeowner :’(