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u can take me basically anywhere, including the random af new castle delaware, and my v simple mind will still find something to be excited about/intrigued by 😶



“how do you wake someone up from inside a dream?” 04.2017


blessed to be in the presence of these musical genii last night ∆ :’) w @___naz.___ & @shabeebshah per usual this may be nauseating sorry friends


Post-hiking is the best time to brunch w fam bc for once in their lives my eternally energetic parents are slightly exhausted and it’s much less likely that our meal will be accompanied by some discourse about how my dad coulda easily cooked the same if not a better meal or how it’s unwise to pay $15 for eggs and fruit or that avocado toast is apparently the most concerning obstacle holding me back from becoming a homeowner :’(


“you don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. just get people to stop reading them.” -bradbury :’( . hi hello so this is technically a throwback to my east coast trip last october (lmao bc where are all those photos even at though) but dc is also where I’ve been hangin out undercover for the past week so still relevant? . let’s be real though it’s not like relevance is even in my vocabulary anymore we all know that my ig feed is running ~6 months behind my actual life. and on this note i should warn u that u are about to see a slew of old extraneous photos as I attempt to stay true to my new year res and finally get my shit together so I can start sharing some photos that actually consistent w the current season w yall 🌸


hungry :(


We’re approaching that time of year when the days are long enough for u to witness the soft glow of first light hit tucson before booking it to work halfway across the state in phx 😊 idk if this compensates for the impending hell on earth that is summer in az but it’s something


@passion_pit w @maryamwaris (thank u for enabling such great spontaneous life decisions ❤️) ✨


“you passed through life so open to all things, like an early morning” . from one of my favorite go to sunrise spots in az




I'm so in awe of/inspired by all of the beautiful photographs of the super blue blood moon that have blessed my feed today. i am neither cool enough nor skilled enough to have captured the event so wonderfully so here is a completely unrelated photo that I was planning on posting soon anyway! Swipe (or maybe just don't) to see my basic photo of the moon which is too mundane to be a stand alone post 🙃 hopefully i’ll be better at life and ready for u in 2028 . Can't provide better commentary on the piece than the artist himself so: "Seven Magic Mountains elicits continuities and solidarities between human and nature, artificial and natural, then and now” -Ugo Rondinone


4.29.17 . Neither of us are angels and our relationship might not be ~perfect~ but man am I grateful for you. Thank you for being the most intellectual, scientifically-minded dreamer I know. For encouraging us to spend every second of our lives learning and experiencing and creating and doing for the world around us and for ourselves. For eclipsing my weirdness with all your eccentricity. For challenging my perspectives and expanding my worldview and allowing me to do the same for you. For being so calm and centered even in the midst of chaos, yet always so spirited and passionate. For sharing all your goodness and wisdom w me. I love u most weirdo . PS when participating in this event we were completely oblivious to its potential negative environmental impacts and I’m still unsure what the consensus on this is BUT we are so so sorry @ mother nature for contributing to your harm if the allegations are true 😭. No more lantern festivals for us for now


✨✨✨ (another old photo) . Also crying bc the other day Ave found the cookie stash I keep in my car (these ones were freshly baked mind u) and THREW THEM OUT THE WINDOW WHILE THE VEHICLE WAS IN MOTION. Like what kind of monster (I love u but RLY BRUH?). This was all mostly upsetting to me obviously not bc it denied me my daily cookie fix or bc of the withdrawal-like symptoms I experienced afterwards but rather bc of his contribution to the horrendous problem of food waste we have created as a nation. Obviously. So anyways just wondering if anyone knows of any ultra effective strategies for ensuring the safety of your most precious valuables pls share Asking for a friend.


a glimpse of St. Paul’s . major tb to a simpler time


thx for always keeping me productive and well-caffeinated and physically/emotionally warm @lolacoffeebar


When u thought u looked cute but he says u look like Arthur. The aardvark. . . sorry for basic mirror photo but i thought i should share this tragic story w u guys so u can avoid making the same mistakes i’ve made


fav street tacos in all of tucson ✨