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Yeah-ya 🙌 #TutorialTuesday is back kiddos! 👉 @omniyogagirl on Sky Camels 🐪 ⭐️ How to do Floating Camel Pose ⭐️ A new video tutorial on Floating Camel is also up on my YouTube channel. Link in my bio . #omniyogagirltips 1. Start sat on your heels in a kneeling position, knees hip width apart 2. Set up your hand position by placing your palms on the soles of your feet. Have the fingers facing outwards & the knuckles connected to the mat 3. Lean back as you straighten your arms & lift the hips away from the floor 4. Using the strength of your quads, take the weight back further & float your knees up off of the mat 5. Carry on leaning backwards. Press firmly into your hands & use the backs of your fingers to adjust in order to keep your balance. Begin to lift the hips. 6. Allow your head to drop back. Think about ‘pouring’ your weight into your hands & keep the arms straight. Focus on lifting your hips up towards the ceiling. Use the strength of your core & the strength of your thighs to maintain the lift. Keep your hands, feet, quads & core active to hold the balance. . If you have any questions please just ask! . ⭐️ Leggings: @re3life #re3 #re3life Top: @yoga_everywear Gloves: @yogapaws Mat: @liforme ⭐️ . . . . #WearYourMat 🐾 #yogatutorial


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💘 Whoop! #TutorialTuesday is back with my friend @elena_miss_yoga 🦄 ・・・ Week 1️⃣ #HowToChinChestStandWithElena . #pictorial . Wearing @liquidoactive #liquidoactive #iwearliquido ❤️ Using my beloved @yogapaws 🐾 🐾 . ➡️ Happy Thursday beautiful friends. Today, I am starting a new series of weekly Tutorials based on Chin stands, and chest stand. Personally, I don’t think it is advisable to start practising such a challenging, and risky asana at home. But, you asked repeatedly, so I decided to start from STEP 0. If you are a complete beginner, don’t worry, if you follow my instruction you are going to be fine. On my #IGTV I posted a video tutorial as well. . ➡️ Exercise 1 Puppy Pose. Personally, I don’t advise to grab the head of your mat. The action of holding on it might cause tension on your shoulders, and it’s just what we don’t want here. If you can’ lift the knees from the floor it is perfectly fine, keep them bent. Perhaps after a week of daily practice, you will. Breathe X 10 Times . ➡️ Exercise 2 Place the hands on your mat shoulders distance from each other. Gently, position the chin In front of your hands. Lift the butt, and extend the legs. Heels pushing forwards, bum reaching up and forward, relax the area between the shoulders. Belly in. Gaze forward. . ➡️ Exercise 3 Come from knee position. Place the arms between your legs on the floor, and fully extend. Position the chin on the mat. If you can lift both legs, or just stay here for few breathes. Heels pushing forwards, butt reaching up and forward, relax the area between the shoulders. Belly in. Gaze forward. . See you next week, Xoxo . . . . . . . . . #WearYourMat 🐾


How much do I love this?! 🦄💜 @brenna.nico1e is a dream come true 🎆 . . . #WearYourMat 🐾


Here’s your weekend challenge: float from handstand to crow. Seem impossible? That’s ok! There’s always modification — rest your against an object like your couch or bed and try. 💪 . . . 🎥 @natashaswinter 🦄 #WearYourMat 🐾


I’ve found my new favorite account 💜🌸🦄🍇 Enjoy! • • • @smoothiebowls ・・・ AÇAI-SPRING inspired smoothie bowl. 💜💜 topped with loads of flowers, frozen bluebs and quinoa pops. This smoothie includes: - 1 cup frozen strawberries and blueberries - 1 tsp açai powder - 1 frozen banana - a dash of coconut milk - 1 tsp agave syrup Blend everything together in a food processor or high speed blender and top it with anything you like ✨ @vickys.healthydreams


My favorite summer ice princess, @leighyogipilot 🚁 (she’s even better IRL, btw ❤️) . . . #WearYourMat 🐾


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