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An Instagram Follower just sent me a comment which totally made my day. Thank you so much @dinedaaka. After I posted information to view my YO KANGOL interview on YOUTUBE with my late friend/mentor BERT PADELL she decided to view and review the program. Upon doing so, this was her comment: #kangolkid #utfo #roxanneroxanne #hiphoplegend #ripbertpadell #bertpadell


A Lot of Birthdays snuck up on me this month. I didn't get a chance to acknowledge them all so please forgive me. However, I'm attempting to touch on a few. (((SWIPE LEFT))) @lisalisall77 @shellyshellux @d_lovelace44 @themsninja and Rhona. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALL MY CAPRICORN FRIENDS & FAMILY.


Happy Birthday to the undisputed Queen of ASCAP my Homie/Sis Nicole @mrsngm. I wish you many, many more. Enjoy your day Sis. 🎂🥂🍾🎁🎉


The music industry just lost a GIANT. Careers of icons were made by BERT PADELL. The wisdom found inside this man was like finding the "Holy Grail" of the entertainment business. Mr. Padell operated behind the scenes for decades until Biggie said, "Stach more cash than Bert Padell". Mr. Padell heard about the song but did not hear it until I brought it to him. LOL!!! Eight years ago when I had my own column called, "YO Kangol" in AllHipHop.com, Mr. Padell and I sat down as he told me his entire life story. The interview was filmed and can be seen right now on YOUTUBE. You are going to lose your mind when you see how essential he was to the world of entertainment. Rest in peace my friend. You will be missed. #kangolkid #utfo #kangol #roxanneroxanne #hiphoplegend #bertpadell


DON'T LET FOOTBALL GET YOU KILLED!!! #fanresponsibly #kangolkid #kangol #utfo #roxanneroxanne


This is what you'll hear if you call the White House at (202) 456-1111. As the President is notorious for blaming others for his flaws, in this recording he blames Democrats. Funny enough, before he became President he blamed similar results (as he describes) on a "Weak President". Who's the WEAK PRESIDENT NOW??? #dumptrump #shithole #impeachtrump #kangolkid #utfo


PSA: Human Beings Listen best with their EYES...Not their ears. Therefore, if you truly want to be heard...SHOW THEM!!!


Saturday Bliss. I briefly played with my Princess before she fell asleep. Then I realized that it's been over 20 years since I held one of my children like this. I forgot what this felt like. See you when you wake up Princess.


The inside of someone who dislike Haitians. 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹 #dumptrump #kangolkid #utfo #roxanneroxanne #kangol #hiphoplegend


NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION: This year I'm gonna take my Instagram page a little more serious than I have. Everytime I get off stage or finish a television or radio interview, my Queen Tajiri @richtwin says, "You forgot to shout out your page". LOL!!! That Changes This Year. LOL!!!! FOLLOW ME @YOKANGOL #kangolkid #utfo #roxanneroxanne #kangol #hiphoplegend


HIP-HOP MEETS FOLK WITH A SPLASH OF HAITIAN CULTURE: Four years ago I made a History-making television appearance with the First Lady of Woodstock - Melanie Safka as I sang a verse of her classic hit song in my native Haitian language of "Kreyol". This was the first time I had ever done anything like this with live musicians and No rehearsal. I was extremely proud of myself and I think I did pretty good as well as represented my family heritage. 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹 #kangolkid #utfo #roxanneroxanne #kangol #hiphoplegend #haitianroundtable #haitian #haitianhiphop


Today, I am an even BIGGER fan of Conan O'Brien. Ask your Haitian friends to translate what is being said because the captions are funnier in Kreyol. Kudos to Conan. 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹


As teenagers, Me and this dude @llcoolj would be at RUSH arguing about who's single would sell more and/or chart highest. "I NEED A BEAT" vs. "ROXANNE, ROXANNE". Needless to say, my single topped his...but his career clearly topped mine. LOL!!! As adults (in this photo) he and I had our first drink together before I joined him on stage. LL is having such an incredible year...and I am sooooo fu%kin' PROUD of him. Props to my Hip-Hop Sister-in-law Queen Simone @sislovespurple for keeping my brother grounded. Kangol hat off to you sis. LOL!!! Just wanted to say HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY little Bro...and welcome to this side of the fence. LOL!!! Enjoy it all. #kangolkid #utfo #roxanneroxanne #kangol #hiphoplegend #llcoolj


Tajiri @richtwin and I would like to congratulate @sbdkustoms and @1desicastro on their upcoming bundle of joy. Wishing your growing family many blessings. Keep us posted on the baby shower. 🍼☔🎉 #kangolkid #utfo #roxanneroxanne #kangol #hiphoplegend #richtwin #kangjiri #sbdkustoms


AGAIN...Thank you Ewing Athletics @ewingathletics and Jerome of SBD Kustoms @sbdkustoms for helping me make a special night even more special for Newark, NJ's future councilman, my Baby Bro Doitall @doitalldu @doitallfornewark. This gift will become an essential tool towards stomping his campaign trail. Happy Birthday and Love you Baby Bro. #doitallfornewark #sbdkustoms #kangolkid #utfo #lordsoftheunderground


Thank you Ewing Athletics @ewingathletics and Jerome of SBD Kustoms @sbdkustoms for helping me make a special night even more special for Newark, NJ's future councilman, my Baby Bro Doitall @doitalldu @doitallfornewark. This gift will become an essential tool towards walking his campaign trail. Love you Baby Bro. #doitallfornewark #sbdkustoms #kangolkid #utfo #lordsoftheunderground


NOTE TO SELF: Do Not Leave The House Without Properly Wrapping Rudolph's Nose In A Scarf Ever Again. Sorry Cia #baddaddy


"A family that entertain together..." Music by Son CîrocBoy T.Shaun @tshaun570, Directed by Daddy Kangol @yokangol, starring Daughter Cia. I smell a GRAMMY!!! 🏆🎼🎤🎶🎵🎙