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The Official Flyer for native Staten Islander Tajiri's @richtwin "GRAD-WU-ATION PARTY" on May 22nd will post tomorrow. This "Celebration for Education" will be HIP-HOP's HOTTEST GRADUATION PARTY EVER!!! The entire event will be filmed by @videomusicbox and @ny1. HOW DOPE IS THAT???!!! Wait until you see the list of invited celebrities, confirmed performances and sponsor supporters this event has generated. Not to mention the constantly growing list of surprise artists and celebrity DJs clearly their schedules to represent their support for Higher Learning. STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO.


So...last night Tajiri @richtwin and I went to a Sports Bar (won't mention name) and ordered the drink seen in this photograph. As you can see, my drink came with a visitor (aka a "Gnat"). Good thing I noticed it before I took a sip. Needless to say, I immediately holla'd at the waiter and the establishment was embarrassed enough to keep my drinks coming thereafter. Hence why I'm GNAT blowing them up. How Gross!!!


...and THIS IS WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO!!! We must ALL become the change we wish to see in others by inspiring others to change for the better. With that said, we wholeheartedly thank @roman.godfree for sharing with Tajiri @richtwin and I that you too, at the age of 43 have been inspired to pursue your college degree as well. CONGRATS!!! We also agree... "HIP-HOP NEEDS THIS". We can ALL become better role models to Hip-Hop's future generation. I pray that your comment inspires others as we wish you greater and continued success in your quest. By the way, if you are in New York City on Tuesday, May 22nd and available to attend Tajiri's GRAD-WU-ATION Party...we would love to have you join us as our special guest. Thank you again for sharing. #kangolkid #kangol #richtwin #utfo #roxanneroxanne #hiphoplegend #kangjiri #gradwuation


I had the honor of being a guest on my baby brother and sister's show. Lord Jamar and Rah Digga's GODCAST. We discussed "The Roxanne Wars and more. I'm so proud of these two. Support their show now on YouTube. 💯💯💯 @lordjamar @therealrahdigga @hallmillsnetwork @official_godcast #RahDigga #LordJamar #KangolKid #roxanneroxanne #hiphoplegend #utfo https://youtu.be/z35QJ1fDVGw


Happy Birthday to one of my longest and bestest friends in this entertainment business...Photographer to the Stars Ronnie Wright @ronniewright1. Big Bro, you make this industry bearable. Wishing you many more birthdays. Love you Bro.


TODAY is dedicated to my Hip-Hop Baby Brothers BRAND NUBIAN @sadatx @lordjamar. If you can't make it to the premiere party...Catch their UNSUNG episode on TV One tonight at 9 PM EST.


Ralph McDaniels @videomusicbox is the absolute KING OF HIP-HOP VIDEOS. 👑 Upon preparing for Tajiri's @richtwin upcoming GRAD-WU-ATION Party 👩‍🎓 Ralph stumbled across and texted me a screenshot of what may very well be Tajiri (and her twin sister's) FIRST Video Music Box appearance. LOL!!! With the discovery of this footage..., I CAN'T WAIT to shoot our episode on MAY 22nd in Cielo @cielonyc. It's gonna be the HOTTEST Televised HIP-HOP Graduation Party EVER!!!!! Don't miss it. #kangolkid #kangol #utfo #roxanneroxanne #hiphoplegend #kangjiri #richtwin #ralphmcdaniels #videomusicbox


Shout out to my little "SINGLE LADY" (who better stay single for about two decades). LOL!!! 😂🤣😂 You can't tell her she ain't a STAR!!! Daddy's Diva is clearly planning her future World Domination. Gotta love her. 💕❤❣💖💝💞 #kangolkid #kangol #utfo #roxanneroxanne #hiphoplegend #birthoffreshheir


Thank You Mr. Cheeks @mrcheekslbmafia for wishing Tajiri @richtwin CONGRATULATIONS on her GRAD-WU-ATION. Join us on Tuesday, May 22nd at Cielo @ceilo in New York City with resident DJ Tony Touch @djtonytouch, Video Music Box @videomusicbox, NY1 @ny1 @bjbspusa and many more in this Hip-Hop "Celebration For Education". Shout out to Jodi @shadowtheclub for always providing a roof for our most memorable occasions. #kangolkid #kangol #utfo #roxanneroxanne #hiphoplegend #kangjiri #richtwin #mrcheeks


TO ALL INTERNET SHOWS: I'm making myself available in MAY for interviews. My publicist Lion @lion126tse of True School Entertainment is ready to schedule you in. Shout out to Dawn Michelle @dawnmichelle44, Sandi Kane @sandikane15 and Princess Lanita @princesslanita for facilitating a few interviews as well. I'M READY...LET'S GET IT!!! #kangolkid #kangol #utfo #roxanneroxanne #hiphoplegend


I had an opportunity the other night to kick it with New York State's next Governor Cynthia Nixon @cynthiaenixon. Most people know her as 1/4 of the ladies of TV's "Sex In The City" I now know her as a really, really cool person. I look forward to calling her Madame Governor. #kangolkid #kangol #utfo #roxanneroxanne #hiphoplegend #cynthianixon


Being a celebrity doesn't stop you from being a fan. I've been a fan of 50 Cent @50cent for many years and know the feeling is mutual. Surprisingly, this is the first time we've met. An absolute treat for Wifey Tajiri @richtwin and I. #kangolkid #kangol #utfo #roxanneroxanne #hiphoplegend #kangjiri #richtwin #50cent


Last night I had my FIRST "Heart to Heart" with my Hip-Hop Sister Yo-Yo @yoyofearless. She shared with me that my single "Roxanne, Roxanne" inspired her to write her first rap called, "Roxanne's Twins". This meant so much for her to say to me...and meant so much for me to hear from her. To other people, Hip-Hop is a form of music. To Yo-Yo and I...HIP-HOP IS LOVE & LIFE. I love you Sis...and I wish you continued and greater success. #kangolkid #kangol #utfo #roxanneroxanne #hiphoplegend #yoyo


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my spiritually beautiful baby sister and longtime friend Cathleen Trigg-Jones @cattrigg. This talented Emmy Award winning journalist, TV Producer, Reality TV Star, Actress and all around Go-getter finds the time to make others happy before satisfying her needs. You have never disappointed me and you've been in my corner at times when I felt like I was alone. The world is a better place with you in it Sis. Thank you for being you. Love You. ~Kang.


"A Family that wears their Kangols together...Stays together." My Princess Cia is rocking her Kangol Hat just like her Daddy. #kangolkid #kangol #utfo #roxanneroxanne #hiphoplegend #birthoffreshheir


I APPRECIATE WHAT I'VE DONE...AND LOVE WHAT I DO!!!! LOL!!! SHOUT OUT TO MAX KELLERMAN @max_kellerman @espnfirsttake FOR THIS SHOUT OUT!!! #kangolkid #kangol #utfo #roxanneroxanne #hiphoplegend


CURRENT SITUATION: Tajiri @richtwin having fun in the front row at the ERIC B & RAKIM concert in New York with Rakim right behind her.


Thank You MIKE EPPS @mikeepps for wishing Tajiri @richtwin CONGRATULATIONS on her GRAD-WU-ATION. Join us on Tuesday, May 22nd at Cielo @ceilo in New York City with resident DJ Tony Touch @djtonytouch, Video Music Box @videomusicbox, NY1 @ny1 @bjbspusa and many more in this Hip-Hop "Celebration For Education". Shout out to Jodi @shadowtheclub for always providing a roof for our most memorable occasions. #kangolkid #kangol #utfo #roxanneroxanne #hiphoplegend #kangjiri #richtwin #mikeepps