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Tuesday isn’t quite over! And since I’m all about the hips, today, here’s your #TutorialTuesday from @yogatutorials ❤️ • • • @roxanne_yoga on Inner Thigh Sequence 😍 ・・・ #yogasequence For your inner thighs, hamstrings & hips! My body is extremely sore from working out especially after letting myself be lazy for 3 weeks. My muscles are aching so badly and I spent time stretching today. Here are some of the stretches I love doing and I hold them for 5 breaths each. . . I wouldn’t really say it’s ‘beginner-friendly’ because some degree of flexibility is needed here. However, if you know how to modify them, please do so. If you’re looking for tutorials that are really beginner-friendly, scroll down my page and you’ll find lots of them. #yoga #yogatutorial


We carry everything around in our hips — pain, stress, heartache. So instead of letting it all build up to the point that we lose our shit, stretch those hips out. Get those emotions flowing through you and out of you. Nothing is so important that can’t take five minutes for yourself. 😊❤️✌️ — 📷 @weirdomandys 🔥 — #FindYouphoria


Here’s to Civil Rights Day. ✌️💜 — #FindYouphoria


Who else is brunchin’ today? 🙋🏼‍♀️🍍🥥 — 📷 @yoursuperfoods 🌿🍇 via @alphafoodie 🥝🍒 — #FindYouphoria


Raise your hand if you’re spending the day with family, too. ☺️💜 — 📷 @popsterivy 🌸 — #FindYouphoria


A sea of trees. 💗 Welcome to Oregon. 💕 — 📷 @neohumanity 🌎 — #FindYouphoria


Just flyin’ through the week like ✈️ Happy almost Friday! ✌️💙 — 📷 @greenideas80 🌿 — #FindYouphoria


“They say an elephant never forgets. What they don’t tell you is you never forget an elephant.” – Bill Murray 🐘 — 📷 @lilliphant 👉 Please check them out! ❤️ — #FindYouphoria


🌟🌟🌟 PLEASE READ 🌟🌟🌟 I just got done reading a yogi’s (one of my favorite yogis, too) posts about her opinion on yoga mats, basically concluding that you should be prepared, in the best interest of your practice, be spending $100+ dollars on a quality yoga mat. Although I agree that you should definitely be practicing on a quality mat, it made me sad that this message is being spread. I KNOW quality is important (I’m an ex-Nordy’s girl, myself) but not everyone has that kind of money to spend. The alternative to a $100+ mat isn’t a Walmart mat (just ask me about my chronic wrist injury from practicing on one). 🌟 There is an in-between. 🌟 There is an alternative. 🌟 If you didn’t know, we killed ourselves designing our Premi-OM Mat. Our mat is extra durable (no crumblies), lightweight, sucks up sweat like a dream, and sticky as fuck. And maybe because we all grew up poor, we made sure it was affordable. Like, ridiculously affordable. 💜 Our mat may not have a big powerhouse name behind it, and it may not look like an artist’s canvas that belongs on a gallery wall, but it’ll keep you safe, it’ll kick ass, and the proof will be in the Sweat Angel you leave behind. 👼 So, if you’re listening 👉 No, you don’t need to mortgage your house to practice on a safe and durable mat. (We’re already doing that for you! 😂😂 JK) And no, you don’t have to settle for something that doubles as a slip and slide, either. 🎢 🌟 You have an alternative. 🌟 — 🎥 *sigh* @natashaswinter 💟 What a delight. 💟 — #FindYouphoria


Because everyone loves #TutorialTuesday from @yoga.tutorials ❤️😍❤️ ・・・ @roxanne_yoga on Firefly 🔥🐝 ・・・ Are you ready to Firefly? Here are a few poses that I always do to prepare for this peak pose. The stretches focus a lot on stretching the hamstrings and inner thighs, really working on opening up the hips as well. No. 1-4: 10-20 breaths / 1-2 mins or more No. 5-10: 6-10 breaths / 30-45s No. 11-12: Use blocks to help you lift, or if you're unable to completely ground your palms down If you cannot hold that long, it's fine- the duration is just a gauge. Just do your best :) #foxyroxyyoga #yoga #yogatutorial


Life’s about to be a beach for one lucky person in a little bit! 🏖 We’ll be announcing the winner of the Y.T + T.K Give-away, soon! Check the Story for the announcement, later! 💙 — 📷 @waterproject 💦 — #FindYouphoria


Happy Sunday 😘 I hope everyone has the time to get their practice in, today! ❤️ — 🎥 @weirdomandys 💜 — #FindYouphoria


Your weekly dose of Goatness.💓 Let the cuteness soak in... — 📷 @goatsofanarchy 💓 — #FindYouphoria 💓


This is exactly how I feel going to into the weekend. 💜 #sliding #heartopen ✌️ — 📷 @free.the.girl 🦋 — #FindYouphoria 💜


I go-nuts for do-nuts 🍇🍩 #FridayFeels — 📷 @plantbasedyogini 🥑 — #FindYouphoria


Always stay inspired. (Seriously). — 🎥 @tiny.kirsty ❤️ — #FindYouphoria


When we practice the 8 limbs of yoga, we become the life we’ve always wanted. ✨ — 📷 @travelagua 🐙 — #FindYouphoria


We’ve got some dope things going on the feed. Hint: 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁 (Our Premi-OM Mat is in one of those boxes! ❤️) — 📷 Our gorgeous firefly @yogaelixir ⚗️ — #FindYouphoria