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21 year old artist • Be grateful for the talents you were given. Be humbled by your abilities• Don’t use my art without asking :) Key•AH• Zo #artist

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Your vibes and energy are important. How you carry yourself and treat others shows your true colors. In life being a negative, close minded, or toxic being results in bad vibes. These bad vibes can lower other people and really deter them from the path of positivity. Spread love instead. Be kind. Be open minded. 🔮💎 #surrealism


Balancing act 〰️🔹🔆🔗In life we must find balance. In balance you often find solitude. Stay balanced. #surrealism


I could act like everything is ok. I could act like I’m ok. I could act like everything doesn’t hurt right now. Nah, fuck that. I’m gunna use all this feeling and emotion and channel it purely into my art. Not all art is happy and beautiful. I hope looking at this you understand what I’m feeling. This is anguish in human form. She’s not pretty and neither are these feelings. #surrealism


In the past year the amount of growth in my work is astounding. The complexity and line work has increased ten fold. I have really been pushing myself to grow. As this year is coming to an end I plan on relaxing and then hitting the ground running for the new year. I feel as tho 2019 will be big and I will be doing a lot more exciting and creative stuff! #surrealism


Butterflies in her eyes and looks to kill 🦋🦋🦋 today was such a good day. I hope you all had a great day too. #surrealism


Tried something new. I’ve decided to do a color series for this week. Expect a colorful post daily. Hope everyone is having a good week. 🔮🏝 #surrealism


Spent sometime at my happy place today. Always a good time drawing at the Dali. I’m so glad I got my membership and can go whenever I want. I remember going to the museum in Spain and falling in love with his work. The gardens is my favorite spot to relax and sketch mid afternoon. #surrealism


Have my back and I’ll watch yours 👀 Study on movement and capturing it in a still simple way. #bodystudy


Blue boy. Self portrait at 21. Capturing myself felt kinda narcissistic. I portrayed more how I felt on the inside than outside. Champagne definitely helped. Take it how you want to, but only I will truly know what this means. Might be taking a break from insta for a little, wanna disconnect and recenter my brain 🔷🔵🔹 #surrealism


Floating ☁️☁️☁️ quick little sketch. Today’s the day! New painting is getting started :P super stoked! Who’s ready for it! ☺️☺️👀 #surrealism


Expression study with focus on hands touching face. Really tried to convey emotion in a different way with less shading. Heavy line work in this piece to create a better depth portrayal. I love these little studies and I love learning new technique on my own. Really allows me to deeper develop my style and push further as an artist. #expressionism


👁👀🌴💛🌿🌱5K GIVEAWAY!!!!! 👁👀🌿💛🌴👌🏻Sorry I took so long but I’m making it worth the wait y’all! I’m giving away three LARGE prints! These average at $40! One winner will receive the two of their choice! Second winner will receive what’s left!!! I’m sooo stoked and wanna show my appreciation and love for my followers! Here’s how to enter: 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 1*. Follow me: @yungcaiazzo 2*. Like this photo! 3*. Tag a friend. (One per comment. Must tag one. Each additional friend is an extra entry!) 4. Repost giveaway on your feed and tag me for ten extra entries! 5. Post giveaway in your story for five extra entries!!! ***************** (Stars mean mandatory to enter! I will be checking) Give away will end 11/4/2018. ****************** By entering this giveaway you are supporting me as an artist and it’s the easiest way to do so! I’ve worked so hard on my art in the past year and I can’t believe there’s 5k of you who love it. I love you guys! So stoked to see where we’re heading!!! #giveaway


Another happy client ☺️ so cool to see people get excited about the prints they buy. Got to see them yesterday when we made homemade Thai food! So damn good but apparently ya boy has failed at doing dishes 😭 maybe I should just stick to art 😏😂 Also peep the sugar skull I hand painted ☠️ Shout out to @taraboornazian for showing me her space and putting up with my crap ❤️ #print