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🎥Mobility Membership Highlight: @katyhooks ⠀ Katy here is referring to video # 3 in the Membership library where I talk about neck, back, and shoulder pain. ⠀ It’s a long ass video where I break down the pain cycle, inputs/outputs, and how to systematically work through pain in this area. ⠀ This video alone is worth wayyyy more than $10. ⠀ If you sign up for the membership, you get this AND all the other kickass mobility videos. ⠀ Sitting all day can be a pain in the neck. But these videos give you the tools to combat that. #DeskRx ⠀ (Link in bio)


Next weekend! @kinstretch


This is a song about my goldendoodle, Cecil. ⠀ #ukulele #uke #goldendoodle #instagramhighlightreel


🎥Mobility Membership Highlight: @infinitehopeyoga ⠀ Hope is awesome. Her studio @vikriyalab is awesome. Her outlook on life is awesome. ⠀ “PS - the mustache jokes - f*cking hilarious - I would never unsubscribe.” - @infinitehopeyoga ⠀ “F*ck ya! I would NEVER have signed up for your videos if you weren’t funny.” - @bridgetb3 ⠀ ✔️Entertainment ✔️Cutting edge Mobility Training ✔️Easy to understand ✔️Cheaper than Netflix (by $0.99) ✔️Entertainment ⠀ If you’re sick of trying to figure out what the heck FRC, mobility, PAILS, RAILS are. If you’re sick of trying to figure out what to do from 60 second Instagram videos. ⠀ It’s time to get serious. Sign up meow 😺 (Link in bio)


#9090HoverChallenge ⠀ 1. Start in 90/90. 2. Hover the position. 3. Floor is lava 🌋 4. Hover 90/90. 5. Soft landing. ⠀ 🤘🏼Enjoy! ⠀ #mobilityninja @ascendpgh


And yet some people would still call me a hippy 🤷🏻‍♂️ ⠀ #puns #mobility #yoga #chakras #hipsdontlie #FRC #kinstretch


🧗🏻‍♂️Daydreaming about the next climbing adventure. #fbf ⠀ I’ve got some big news to share with you all. I’ll let you know once it’s official. ⠀ In the mean time, here are a couple other updates: ⠀ ▪️new Mobility Membership video this week (all about wrists). ▪️upcoming mobility workshops in #pittsburgh ▪️new email topics coming out (mobility, rock climbing, foot health) ⠀ Keep your eyes 👀 peeled. More details soon! ⠀ If you want to read these awesome free emails (click the link in my bio to sign up). ⠀ If you want to sign up for the mobility videos everyone keeps taking about (click the link in my bio to sign up). ⠀ If you want a free basket of corgis (click the link in my bio to sign up). ⠀ 📷: @bcecilpgh



Helping you help yourself and help others. ⠀ (say that 5x fast) 🤷🏻‍♂️ ⠀ “Thanks so much Clayton! Your videos have changed my perspective on movement and what really works best!! So excited to see the changes to come. Helping others is our jam!!!🙌🏼❤️💃🏻” - @yogayourwaytohappiness ⠀ What else can you think of that costs $10 and makes this much of an impact? ⠀ Netflix cost $10.99/month....I had to double check. Because c’mon. It’s Netflix. ⠀ *for HD. The cheaper version doesn’t have HD. Who does that now? ⠀ (Click the link in my bio to sign up) #DeskRx


🎥Mobility Membership Highlight: @yogadetour 😍 ⠀ When one of your movement HEROES subscribes to your mobility videos! ⠀ #YogaDetour #DeskRx #TheFootCollective #MobilityMatters


Felt a little off balance after shaving the mustache 🤷🏻‍♂️ @ascendpgh


New phone. Who dis? ⠀ #mustache #RIP #👨🏻


🎥Mobility Membership Highlight: @daisywhittemore ⠀ Daisy is freaking hilarious. Doing mobility training in a gorilla suit 🦍!! ⠀ “He is smart. And a good teacher. Find his stuff. Affordable and good. BUT this right here is some mean shit. Just sayin. Obviously I need it 😥 And I am grateful for the very clear instruction.” - @daisywhittemore ⠀ Check out her post for the rest of the hilarity that ensues. ⠀ We were connected via the lovely @surrraah who had been a mobility member since ground zero 🤘🏼 ⠀ “He’s got SO much useful information and breaks it down so nicely that it’s not overwhelming at all.” - @surrraah ⠀ It’s $10/month. Cheap enough for you to afford. And you’ll actually watch the videos because you pay for them. 🤷🏻‍♂️ ⠀ New video added to the library each week. Link in the bio to sign up! #DeskRx


Everyone experiences pain. ⠀ I’m going to be sending out an email to you guys today about how to deal with it 📩 ⠀ I’ll be giving you the step by step “pain flow chart” that I literally used yesterday to mitigate pain and the snowball effect of spiraling thoughts of anxiety surrounding it. ⠀ It’s a good one. Don’t miss it. Sign up to receive the email by clicking the link in my bio. ⠀ #DeskRx


“Don’t quit your Day Dream.”


If ya wanna be a brick house 🏠🏋🏻‍♀️ ⠀ Ya gotta have a strong foundation 👣 ⠀ Last night, I filmed a 20 minute video all about foot mobility. 20 whole. damn. minutes. ⠀ It’s packed full of information and mobility drills you can start incorporating today. ⠀ I’m going to be sharing some of this insight with my email list in the next email coming up. ⠀ But if you know your feet are jacked up, you better just go sign up for the mobility membership meow. (Your Body will thank you) ⠀ Also - when is the last time you spent 20 minutes working on your feet?! (Excluding pedicures 💅🏽 - that doesn’t count) ⠀ Also, excluding those weird fish 🐟 that eat your feet while you’re on vacation 🍹 ⠀ #DeskRx #mobilitymatters #footstuff


Tonight was a good night. Climbed with some friends. Worked on mobility stuff with @tenpase - and got cheering from the peanut gallery ( @jogayoga + @unwantednickpics ) Love the @ascendpgh family so much ❤️🤘🏼


🎥 Mobility Membership Highlight: @yogayourwaytohappiness ⠀ Meet Lori. She is a Yoga Teacher hailing from Ireland 🇮🇪 ⠀ She has been subscribed to the mobility videos for a number of weeks, and has noticed some pretty RAD changes in her body while dealing with #fibromyalgia ⠀ We all have our crosses to bare, and some in the form of chronic pain. Some people will choose to accept circumstances, and others will give up hope. ⠀ “The road to recovery is only accessible for those that believe the road exists.” - @zen.punk ⠀ (quoting myself again...IDGAF) ⠀ Lori took the plunge into starting her mobility practice. She does her CARS every damn day. She makes herself a priority. She listens to her body. She took action. ⠀ With pain, it’s empowering to take action. Be a Warrior...not a worrier. ⠀ #DeskRx @deskrx