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Today in comic recommendations noone asked me for : if you like zaddy wizards and magic foolery you should 100% read this series. That is all, carry on #cursewords #imagecomics


If you know me at all, you know I hate being the center of attention- but my mother forced me to go to a party for me/the fact that I convinced Russ to tolerate me enough to be married to me and I didnt die and heres proof


I know this is hard to believe, but I might be the tallest person in my family #igotitfrommymomma


The spa I work in now is in an old Victorian building & theres probably old baby ghosts in it wearing frilly dresses but pay no mind to them because these handpainted walls are SO COOL


Old creepy buildings make the best backdrops dont ya think


Sure, you may have been to flavor town but lemme take ya to the flavor graveyard


There may not be AC, but there are these cute keys & pretty views, so I guess I'll let it slide



Bright as yellow 💛 When I was in middle school my mother let me choose what color to paint my room. (we lived in a yellow house) and I chose yellow for my walls and I'm pretty sure she thought I was crazy (pretty sure she still does actually). Yellow is my happy place ☀️ #yellow #abstractart #agranthome


Obsessed with these! 🌿 So happy I made the choice to have our save the dates custom designed - I have never really been a wedding type of person so I am trying my hardest to make everything as unique as I can so that it doesn't feel too traditional and feels ~authentic~ whatever I mean by that, although I totally copied my life wife @beautymarkofthebeast by having them printed on magnets 😎 The artist I commissioned for these is the ever lovely @bunnymiele


A few pieces that I've put up in the pink 1960s theme bathroom. A yarn wall piece I made and a page from a 1967 article on the actresses in valley of the dolls feat. Sharon Tate 💔 swipe to see my diy hanging better #agranthome #1960s #sixties #diy #pinkbathroom #vintagehome


A series of lewks served up Grant style #spudmuffin


Remind me to never grow out my bangs again


Two posts in a row but I dont careee, finally starting to get a feel for the personality of this room and where I wanna take it. Floors & walls will be changed (the walls are textured please help), and quite possibly that weird indoor window, but I'm really happy with it right now ☀️ #agranthome #homedecor #instahome #midcenturystyle


Current progress on the kitchen. This room is alot of work, but I am happy to do it. Backsplash and countertops and floors are the next step 😍 making it a little more us everyday. Swipe for the before #agranthome #homedecor #instahome #openshelving


I can kind of wear dangly earrings again and my ear holes dont look as weird! (Just dont look up close and you can't still see how loose they are) Currently it's about maybe 2.5 years after one of my tunnels fell out and I decided to let them heal simply out of laziness. They'll never be small n cute again but I honestly dont truly care because I can still stick weird stuff in my ear if I ever need an emergency party trick 😎


Still need to clean up some edges and what not but pretty happy with these hand painted tiles ~although~ I would not recommend to anyone who wants to keep their sanity #homeimprovements #homediy #handpaintedtiles #agranthome


One of my weirdest and most prized possessions - it's a radio toilet paper holder, but I use it as a hand towel rack...oh and yes, it works 😎 ( am only) #vintage #vintageradio #kitsch #yellow