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Photo @lucalocatelliphoto for @natgeo Jaime is an asteroid hunter in south of Spain. With his team there, he discovered more than 3000 numbered asteroids of our Solar System, several of them belonging to this near to Earth dangerous family. Among those, 2012 DA14, named "Duende", the closest to Earth flyby of an asteroid with potential threat by its size registered so far. ‘We are watching you’ is a new fascinated story published on @natgeo magazine this month. Follow me @lucalocatelliphoto to see more about the story. #future #asteroid #meteorites #



Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) - Mountain regions respond sensitively to climate change. Taking advantage of Alpine caves, a team of scientists led by Swiss Paleoclimatologist Dr. Marc Luetscher from the Swiss Institute for Speleology and Karst Studies (SISKA), is working to understand how permafrost has evolved through time. Ice caves form through a combination of snow intrusion and/or congelation of water infiltrating a karst system. Often up to several centuries old, the climate record of this ice remains largely under-studied. Today we are also able to tell if a cave was an ice cave in the past. This is achieved by looking for cryogenic cave calcites. These form when water enters a cave, and freezes and turns to ice. In this process, the water becomes progressively enriched in ions to the point that it becomes super-saturated and precipitates calcite. Pictured here is the iconic Snow Volcano Hall inside Schwarzmooskogel Eishöhle, Austria. The chamber filled with giant ice and snow cones is 100m (300ft) wide and over 50m (150ft) high is one of the largest ice filled chambers in Europe. Sadly, in recent years due to climate change, these beautiful ice formations have melted dramatically. @natgeocreative



Photo: @ivankphoto / Trees line the path to a homeless community on the Los Angeles River, California, USA. Kenneth, a community member, believes the trees have supernatural powers. “Down here there are negative trees and positive trees, more negative...If you stay down here long enough, you turn mean and angry.” This photo is part of a long-term project on the LA River. #WalkingTheLAwash, #WhereTheConcreteMeetsTheJungle



Video: @coryrichards | The value of our state parks defined in game of football. Crystal Cove, CA.



One of the handful of times that I managed to get some good light last year was in one of my favourite locations, can you guess where? 🤭 I love heading out with my trusty @olympus_au EM1 mark II with a 7-14mm and no tripod to sunrise and capturing something like this 😁 perfect morning.



Within Triangles . Many thanks @noordzuidlijn and @senns_less for the invitation to visit the North-South subway line in Amsterdam. This new line opens to the general public later this year, but if you are also interested in a final preview this weekend, go to www.wijnemenjemee.nl #emptynzlijn #noordzuidlijn #amsterdam . My membership tags: #rustlord_archdesign  #1_unlimited #tv_pointofview #diagonal_symmetry .
. .Oh, en bedankt voor de handen, Paul @urbanlines ! 👋🏻 #creative_architecture  #archdaily  #art_chitecture_ #tv_buildings #canonnederland #lensculture #archimasters #architecture #arkiromantix #indies_minimal #fine_artarchitecture #archi_features  #jj_geometry #minimal_lookup #saatchiart #drugougleb #HuntgramArchitecture #icu_architecture #urbanlines



Photography, art, process, and inspiration.



Enjoying the Old Faithful views from Observation Point. Shortly after we were treated to eruptions of Castle, Lion, and Beehive geysers. 💨👍🏽😍 #YellowstonePledge



high risk, high reward