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#Repost @kentuckybasketballcards - our friend hit some serious 🔥🔥 on @upperdecksports ePack!! ・・・ So this is a pretty awesome pull!Tried out the @upperdecksports E-Pack store online and was learning how it worked, bought a couple boxes of the Euroleague product and hit a Doncic RC Auto in his Real Madrid Thread’s! It’s a very interesting setup that takes a bit to learn and it’s mostly Hockey but they have interesting chases that if you hit the cards you can redeem for better cards. They transfer the cards to @checkoutmycards the you go from there. Pretty cool and even cooler when you chase Doncic and hit it!! (To be clear, it’s NOT a digital card, it’s a picture of a card they send you when you request it. Real card, real auto)


Our Top Sale on @ebay last week was this beautiful @miketrout orange patch auto from @topps Inception! It sold for $868.99! Learn how to sell your cards on eBay via - link in profile! #TheHobby #Collect #TradingCards #Sportscards


#Repost @masshole_cards with @get_repost. Tag us in your COMC #Mailday to be shared! ・・・ Been inactive for a while - Just bought a new house so I have had bigger things on my plate! This was my recent @checkoutmycards mail day. Happy to have all of these sweet cards in the collection.


#HappyHalloween ! Stay safe, eats lots of candy, and if you’re going to give away trading cards to trick-or-treaters, make sure they at least know the players! No 1980’s baseball cards for the kids in #Fortnite costumes! 😂😂


#ThrowbackThurday to earlier this year at the #NSCC18 ! Our team loved getting their @psacard custom trading cards printed. Thanks PSA!


#Repost @folkscards with @get_repost. Tag us in your COMC #mailday for a chance to be shared! ・・・ COMC MAILDAY! Some cards for graphing, a bunch of jersey cards to cut up and two cards for my PCs. #todaywasagoodday #stupidwatermark


What does the conference table in your company’s meeting area look like? This is currently ours. 😂😂😂 #TheHobby #Collect #WhoDoYouCollect


#Repost @all_things_colts with @get_repost . Tag us in your COMC #mailday for a chance to be shared! ・・・ Nice little package from @checkoutmycards today. 2017 Majestic Hilton auto /25, 2015 National Treasures Pro Bowl Patch/25, 2017 National Treasures purple base /75, and a 2012 Topps pink /399.


Hit us with your best trading card related caption. Why is this good boy smiling? #TheHobby #Collect #sportscards #captions


#Repost @showley2003 with @get_repost. Love love love hearing stories like these! ❤️❤️ ・・・ The true value of @checkoutmycards for me is being able to move bulk cards I have no use for and use the credit to pick up something I truly cherish.


#Repost @rbicru7 with @get_repost. Tag us in your COMC #mailday for a chance to be shared! ・・・ @checkoutmycards mailday FTW! Always searching COMC for LeBrons to add to the #LBJPC and was lucky to find these 3! Mainly focus on #BuyingLeBronAutos but starting to collect relics especially 23/25 #JerseyNumber Patch and 04-05 #GameUsed Jersey which more than likely is Rookie Year worn. @upperdecksports @paniniamerica @kingjames #upperdeck #lebronjames #lebron #upperdeck #panini #SupportYourLCS


COMC Team Potluck & BBQ 2018!!! 🍔🍗🍪


What’s everyone ripping this week? @topps Heritage High Number is 🔥🔥🔥🔥! Check out our blog later this week!


🔥🔥2000 FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY🔥🔥 Thank you, thank you, thank you, you’re far too kind! In honor of 2k followers, we’re giving this @topps heritage @miketrout relic to one lucky follower who likes this post! Winner announced September 21st!


#Repost @tfcards with @get_repost. One good lookin’ card! Tag us in your COMC #mailday for a chance to be shared! ・・・ Currently my only black label 10. Love the Nueva York uni. Picked up a while back from @checkoutmycards. #nyknicks #carmeloanthony #sportscards #basketballcards #paniniamerica


#Repost @90s_bball_cards with @get_repost. Shoutout to @90s_bball_cards for posting 🔥content every day! If you love basketball cards, give ‘em a follow! ・・・ Card of the day! Michael Jordan 98-99 E-X Century, Dunk’N Go Nuts - This is a classic. With a simple design and name playing of @dunkindonuts it was bound to be a crowd pleaser.


#Repost @psasportscards with @get_repost. Thank you for sharing this story with us!!! ・・・ DONT THROW AWAY YOUR JUNK! After weeks of trying to figure out what to do with some base, inserts, random autos and no namers I decided to send them in to @checkoutmycards and made more than I could anywhere else. I sold the end of the lot for a lump sum and decided to buy something nice. Luckily I found this 2015 Bowman Chrome dual red auto #’d /5 with Javy Baez and Soler. Stoked to have this in my collection!