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18+ Photo/Video/Etc #KeziaCaptures πŸ“₯BOOKS OPENπŸ“₯ For LAX: Nov πŸ“·Limited photography bookings πŸŽ₯Now casting for: SHOOTFEST

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Stoner girls know how to have fun 😎 booty by @chalkdabs exhale by @jessacat_sgh πŸ’¨ #KeziaCaptures


@jessacat_sgh @chalkdabs @litalettie My #420shootfest for @suicidegirls in Vancouver was a game-changer for me. I'm addicted & it's gonna be a yearly tradition! Next year, we'll be in Portland, Oregon & we'll be looking for local sponsors. Huge thank you to @sultan.of.solventlesss for being the 2018 sponsor and keeping the babes lifted! PDX, if you're interested in promotional videos/photos, DM or e-mail


@sultan.of.solventlesss is the rosin you need in your life! @jessacat_sgh & @chalkdabs smoking some j's and reppin' the Sultan! πŸ’¨ #420shootfest


Check out @sallysparrowsgh in her brand new set, "I Do Believe in Fairies." This fairy flew all the way from West Virginia to join our Vancouver Island shootfest and we had get into the woods! πŸ“· #KeziaCaptures


@sallysparrowsgh shows off her adorable curves as a fairy in her new set on @suicidegirls , "I Do Believe in Fairies" πŸ“· #KeziaCaptures


Have you seen @sallysparrowsgh in her new set, "I Do Believe in Fairies" πŸ“· #KeziaCaptures


@chalkdabs getting wet in this set shot at the #420shootfest πŸ’§ You'll have to ask @chalkdabs how to get access to this one! She's posting this one to one of her own platforms πŸ“· #KeziaCaptures


These two babes are @shibuwee & @melei_sgh in the hot tub at the #420shootfest I wanna jump in that tub and join them! πŸ“· #KeziaCaptures


@sirene_rouge_suicide is coming soon(ish?) to @suicidegirls 😍 I like the name "High Tide" but let's see what we decide on. Shot at the #420shootfest this past April πŸ“· #KeziaCaptures


Eyes that pierce right through you @chalkdabs at the #420shootfest πŸ“· #KeziaCaptures


This booty is coming to @suicidegirls soon! @melei_sgh was helping @shibuwee get nakie in this steamy hot tub set πŸ“· #KeziaCaptures


@sirene_rouge_suicide in this preview from the #420shootfest for @suicidegirls πŸ’– I fell in the pool while shooting and decided... Fuck it. I'll shoot from in here too! πŸ“· #KeziaCaptures


My favourite Texan came to get stoned in BC for the #420shootfest @chalkdabs and I'm counting the days until I see her again! πŸ“· #KeziaCaptures


These two stoner cuties @shibuwee & @melei_sgh got steamy in the hot tub at the #420shootfest and we need a name for this set! Comment your suggestions. "Babe Soup" πŸ˜‚ or is that too real? πŸ“· #KeziaCaptures


This gorgeous stoner is @sirene_rouge_suicide 😍 Shot at the #420shootfest in April, this is from our upcoming set for @suicidegirls πŸ’– Leave your set name suggestions below! πŸ“· #KeziaCaptures


"Bask" with is finally here! Click the link in my bio to join @suicidegirls and check out this set πŸ“· #KeziaCaptures


"Bask" with is only 2 days from hitting #memberreview on @suicidegirls πŸ“· #KeziaCaptures


Only 5 more days until this beautiful lady hits @suicidegirls #memberreview in her new set, "Bask" from the #yyjshootfest πŸ“· #KeziaCaptures