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📸 🏂 🚵‍♂️ 🚣‍♀️🏀⚾️ Wrangler gang OlllllO Probably on the trails🤙 Monterey Bay ➡️ Bend, OR

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I can’t sleep and it’s 1AM so here’s a photo from my recent trip to the Wallowa Mountains⛰ .


I need to get out and shoot more. Missing being outside for sunsets like this 📸. #minolta


So I’m 100% not one to bring up social issues on social media because I’m a strong believer that you can be super passionate about your own political/social opinion without letting everyone in the world know, but I really want to rant about the message that a photographer out of Utah @Phillmonson is trying to share. As Bend being one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, our trails and town have been extremely saturated...Sorry OG Bendites, but this is going to happen. You can’t live in tremendously beautiful place in U.S and expect to pay $300 a month for rent and not have people want to visit all the time. Moving forward, keeping our trails and town clean is totally in our control. Like any other social issue, change can’t happen if people don’t take responsibility and contribute to society. If you are like me and want Bend to remain beautiful, pick up trash whenever you see it, and when hiking/backpacking, pack in what you pack out because the glass window effect is a real thing. It doesn’t take time out of your day, “it ain’t yo job to pick up other people’s mess” I GET IT. But come on, it’s not hard to pick up some trash when walking along the Deschutes or downtown..Plus It kinda makes you feel better about yourself as well😊 #FoodForThought


Crazy that it’s already been a full year since I made the commitment to live outa my car and travel before starting my career. Wouldn’t trade those memories for anything in the world.


The top was definitely broken ⛰.


Just livin’ the best life I can. Happiness over everything🍻 #25YearsYoung


We spoiled out here in Central Oregon🙏.


The 20 mile hike was well worth it (Swipe for vid👉) . It’s only a matter of time before this place is considered a national park IMO. Not pictured are my friends @roburr_ito & @eyonkz . Congrats on your guys’s engagement and thanks soooo much for invite 💍🍾!!!


Got lucky with this sunset a couple weeks ago at Shmitty. This was real life, promise. Swipe to watch the vid👉.


Four days was simply not enough💔. Till next time 831 #TheresNoPlaceLikeHome


Life’s too short to live in bummy places. I ain’t ever leavin’. #Minolta


Waterfall fetishes are quite a real thing.


Let me wet your whistle on this Wednesday with a waterfall🌲.


This weather nice as rice here in Bend, OR but I’m still reminiscin’ over them powder days😢. #ImJusTrynaShred🏂 #iPhoneX


From the Bay to Oregon. One of my favorite falls to show out of townies #🌉➡️🌲


The remedy for adulting is not taking a single weekend for granted. Ya boi got things to do🏃‍♂️!


Let the countdown begin🙌. One more month till I get to visit that Bay. #TheresNoPlaceLikeHome