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(Beaufort, SC) Married, 2 dog children;) Drones, hiker, brewer, electrician, aspiring photographer...... "Creativity, more you use, the more you have"

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Black and white of myself. Doing alot of designing in my free time of item to make my night shots easier, took this shot by myself, created something to spin my colors and patterns for always seeking to improve!


Try to stay Green... when your green your growing and giving life... loose the green your dormant or worse..... quoting myself :)


Last shot from this weekend.... looking forward to more of these in the future, ill progressively get better :)


Another crazy awesome shot from last night! This one has multiple things going, together it turned into this masterpiece!


Setting fire to the rain! @tsaoconnie One of many great shots from last night! Expect to see more :)


Eh Im leaning toward the dark side of photography, find its where the super creative people live... tried out the steel wool tonight out in the world and I needed something more, so messed around with my light bar for accent colors. Lessons learned tonight....use gloves, took a chunk out of finger from spinning :)


"Don't ever let the light of your soul dim, even if the world seems black and white" -Tilicia Haridat


2 hours of my brain power i can come up with some cool stuff....Strapped some controllable leds on the drone, drone isnt spinning I just pushed it straight up, the leds are moving the give it the pattern.... works by remote, within 150 ft..... I sure someone thought they saw a ufo tonight :)


Throwback to a snowy icey Hunting Island state park beach and finding one of the largest shells Ive seen intact on the beach.


Think I understand now why people love abandoned buildings for photography... This house is the boynton house, located in the Donnelly wildlife area in green pond, SC. All around great area for photographers!


Last night fog brought some sweet shots towards downtown beaufort!


A walk through a sketchy abandoned house in a scdnr area.


Just starting to blend the light patterns into enviroments now.... for those that follow me that are local, planned to do some of this in the abandoned port.... but I would have swore I saw big foot in a building! Very creepy.... Sooo ya ill stick with the tower lol


"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!" Never stick with doing what is comfortable, yep its easy, but what if you were ment for much more, untie yourself from the shore and sail... if you start sinking swim back or call for help. Dont ever expect me to do whats easy, I try to stay uncomfortable, its how ive became the person I am. Im always trying to be better, you have 1 shot at life might as well try to excel at everything you set your mind too!


I like walking around and finding the unique viewpoints :)


Black and white quote for the day..."Too many people undervalue what they are and overvalue what they're are not" - Malcolm Forbes


Just incase you were wondering there is no fire hose here... incase of fire just dive in the river! :)


This little guy was super friendly! Flew up, then walked up next to me super close.