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National Personal Chef Day has everybody's mouth watering! 🤤 Congratulations to the winners of this appetizing holiday!🎉👨‍🍳 🥇 Victoria @vebervic 🥈 Jazzie @jazzie_salazar 🥉Ted @teddymiller Check out today’s Daily Challenge Image provides by our featured artist


I Love Horses Day Winners are here! 😃 Leave a ❤️ comment if you love the majestic creatures as well! 🐎 🥇 Victoria @vebervic 🥈 Sandra @sandramarinaro 🥉 Jazzie @jazzie_salazar Todays Daily Challenge Image is for National Personal Chef Day👨‍🍳


Did you know that unlike other fish sharks have eyelids? 👀 Congratulations to our Shark Awareness Day Daily Challenge Winners!🦈 🥇 Victoria @vebervic 🥈 Torresascd @torresascd 🥉 Sandra @sandramarinaro


Saddle up! The winners of the GO West Day Daily Challenge are here! Congratulations to the following. 🎉✨ 🥇 Victoria @vebervic 🥈 Barbara @barbaralightcap 🥉 Ricky @infiniteone__


Our second Plotaverse Daily Challenge was a success! Big thanks to @sandevil_sandh for submitting his image to make this feature possible! The winner for his 3 month giveaway will be announced on his page! 🙏 🥇 Nadja @ Nadja (Plotaverse) 🥈 Victoria @vebervic 🥉 Chrystelle @chrystelle_f_


Our first featured artist daily challenge went amazing! Special thanks to @Ikcreationss for providing this image and hosting a giveaway on his page! Todays featured artist is also doing a giveaway and has their image used for todays daily challenge! Submit your images to our type from link in the @plotagraph story to have your artwork featured! 🥇 Richard @otogidemon_fx_arts 🥈 Sascha @ sascha (Plotaverse) 🥉 J.R. Felix @jrfelixdelarosa


Whats most important is appreciating the people and things that give us life and make life worth living! 🐮 Congratulations to the Cow Appreciation Day Daily Challenge Winners! 🎉 🥇 ZJNAPtv @ZJNAPtv 🥈 Victoria @vebervic 🥉 Sandra @sandramarinaro


Explore and discover new things! The Horizon Calls you! Congratulations to the “Call Of The Horizon” Daily Challenge Day Winners! 🌅 🥇 Victoria @vebervic 🥈 Anastasia @ sultana43 (Plotaverse) 🥉 Jackie @jacks9696


All different kinds of stories can be told with these creations! Great job to all of the winners of this Daily Challenge! 🐴 🥇 Victoria @vebervic 🥈 Wildthing @ wildthing79 (Plotaverse) 🥉 Lily @ lily (Plotaverse) (Wild Things submission can be seen on Plotaverse)


I’d Hop over to Yosemite any day 😍 Congratulations to the Hop-A-Park Day Daily Challenge Winners! 🥇 Barbara @barbaralightcap 🥈 Victoria @vebervic 🥉 Chris @chrischase_tv


Very pretty submissions all around! ☂️ Did you know that every year 33 million Umbrellas are sold in the U.S.? Congratulations to our Umbrella Cover Day Winners! 🎉 🥇 Lily @ Lily (Plotaverse) 🥈 Sandra @sandramarinaro 🥉 Ivette @ ivettebookmanancona (Plotaverse)


Who else whipped out their Bikinis for National Bikini Day?👙🌞 Congratulations to the winners of this awesome Daily Challenge! 🥇 Javo @javografo 🥈 Personalizingart @ personalizingart (Plotaverse) 🥉 Chrystelle F @ chrystelle_f_ (Plotaverse) Todays Daily Challenge is for Umbrella Cover Day! ☂


Happy Independence Day! Hope everyone enjoyed awesome fireworks and some quality time with family to celebrate Americas Birthday! Congratulations to our 4th of July Day Winners! 🥇 Omari @art_van_ohhhh 🥈 Javo @javografo 🥉 Jackie @jacks9696 Todays Daily Challenge Image is for National Bikini Day 👙


Did you know that other planets have Northern Lights on them as well? Congratulations to our Northern Lights Day Daily Challenge Winners!🎉 🥇PersonalizingArt @ Personalizingart (Plotaverse) 🥈Barbara @barbaralightcap 🥉J.R. Felix @ jrfelixdelarosa (Plotaverse)


Advances in technology have made recreational sports for the disabled possible! 😃🎉 Congratulations to the Special Recreation for the Disabled Daily Challenge Winners! 🥇 Anastasia @ sultana43 (Plotaverse) 🥈 Victoria @vebervic 🥉 Anton @la_photographic


Did you know that the first Scarecrows were used by the Ancient Romans and Greeks? Congratulations to the Scarecrow Day Daily Challenge Winners! 🍾🙌🎉 🥇 Sandra @sandramarinaro 🥈 Rez @ reskingston2018 (Plotaverse) 🥉 Lulay @ lulay (Plotaverse)


Did you know that there are over 600k known asteroids in our solar system? Happy Asteroid Day!🤘 🥇 Sandra @sandramarinaro 🥈 Barbara @barbaralightcap 🥉 Anastasia @ Sultana43 (Plotaverse) View our story to see the winners for our Daily Challenges of June!


The major advances and innovation in the tech and camera industry made this all possible! 📷Congratulations to the following winners! 🏆 🥇 Richard @otogidemon_fx_arts 🥈 Sandra @sandramarinaro 🥉 Frank @ mkondowafanamu (Plotaverse)