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im in California for the next ten days so I'll see you in ten days. please fill me in on all that occurred when i get back.


im very happy that today is Friday


"its not about your scars its all about your heart." •all about your heart by mindy gledhill• comment songs you think i should listen to


happy fourth of July to all my Americans. how are you celebrating? if you dont celebrate the fourth of July then what are you doing on this wonderful Wednesday?


so what do you think of my theme now that i am well into it?


" i have dreams about heart broken people; they usually look like this. if you can get them to look at you tears are usually in their screaming eyes. everything about them is screaming for help, for comfort, stability, safety. all i can do though is hug them, wipe away their tears and tell them its going to be alright. Hoping that it is enough." by me ALB


today is a complicated day for me. is it for you? if so how is it complicated


i was taking a nap i didnt really need or i dont think so anyway maybe im wrong who knows. what have you done today? if nothing like me what are you going to do to change that?


comment quotes or lyrics that you think fit this photo the best.


caption this


"dear future love, here are some things you should know. loving her is not going to be easy and i cant promise if it will be worth it. you have to decide that. she is going to pull away at times it will be gradual or worse all at once; give her time she will come back. she is going to turn into a ball of anxiety from time to time without warning, usually. hold her when she does. make her look in your eyes, okay? have her describe them to you to bring her back. she will unfailingly came back if you do. hold her when she cries, let her scream into your chest and then find her place above your heart. let her listen to it beat and she will be okay. bring her coffee with caramel macchiato creamer in the morning. let her drive and always let her be the dj. make her smile. make her laugh until her stomach hurts and her eyes water. comfort her. listen to her. be her person and in return she will give herself to you completely. she will never leave you. she will break her back to make sure you never get hurt; make sure you break yours too. never let your relationship become one-sided if it does she's going to shut you out. she can't help it. if she catches herself or you catch her she will try to open up again. it will be insanely hard for her so have patience; she's doing the best she can. watch her eyes always. they will tell you all her secrets if you are looking, so look. love her unconditionally. sincerely, the love that brought her to you." by me ALB


i love the simplicity of this photo its soo beautiful. anyway today is a great day to be a duck where i live because it is raining and grey and i love it soo so much!!! comment something interesting. an opinion you have that is not at all related to this post.


okay im Probably going to post just once a day if any for a while. thank you for all the love on my last post and for being so amazing. on a side note how cute is this photo?!


I'm going to go into hibernation mode for a little while to I'll see you loves around probably not as much but im still here.


lets talk about shawn in this post.


what is you favourite musical and why is it your favourite?


im actually really happy its the weekend usually I don't care. are you happy its the weekend? if yes or no why?


I would love if this was my current view but its not. what do you want to be your current view?